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Religious Conversion: Explained

Religious Conversion: Explained The Supreme Court recently directed the Centre to intervene and make serious and sincere efforts to address the issue of Forced Religious Conversion. What were the Petition and the Court's Decision? The petition sought a declaration that "intimidation, threatening, and deceivingly luring through gifts and monetary benefits" violates Articles 14, 21, and 25 of the Constitution. The petition argued that the Supreme Court stated in the

Ninth Schedule: Explained

Ninth Schedule: Explained Two bills were approved by the Jharkhand Assembly, but the modifications won't take effect until the Centre makes changes to add the bills to the Constitution's Ninth Schedule. What are these Bills? Vacancies for Posts and Services in Jharkhand (Amendment) Bill, 2022: Reservations now stand at 77%. Scheduled Castes will receive a quota of 12%, up from 10%, OBCs 27%, up from 14%, Scheduled Tribes 28%, up by 2%, and Economically Weaker Sections 10

Law Commission of India

Law Commission of India Retired High Court Chief Justice Rituraj Awasthi has been named Chairperson of India's 22nd Law Commission, which was established in 2020. What is the Indian Law Commission? The Law Commission of India is a non-statutory body established from time to time by the Government of India. The first independent Indian Law Commission was established in 1955 for a three-year term. The first Law Commission, chaired by Lord Macaulay, was established during t

Removal of Governor

Removal of Governor A political party recently called for a proposal to remove the Tamil Nadu Governor. In recent years, the squabbles between states and governors have centered on the choice of a party to form a government, the deadline for proving the majority, sitting on bills, and criticizing the state administration. As a result, Governor is derisively referred to as a Centre agent, a puppet, and a rubber stamp. How is the Governor to be deposed? A Governor is appoi

Remote Voting Facility

Remote Voting Facility The Union government recently informed the Supreme Court that it is thinking about implementing a remote voting system that would allow non-resident Indians (NRI), particularly migrant workers, to cast their votes while maintaining the integrity of the electoral process. What is the History? Officials from the Election Commission suggested adopting blockchain technology to facilitate remote voting in 2020. The goal is to remove voting's geographic rest

Social Media Impact on elections

Social Media Impact on Elections The Election Commission of India (ECI) recently sponsored an international conference for Election Management Bodies (EMBs) under the auspices of the United States' "Summit for Democracy." The Chief Election Commissioner spoke at the conference. The commissioner asked social media platforms to use their "algorithm power" to proactively flag bogus news while officially opening the meeting. What worries exist in regard

Pleasure Doctrine  & Governor's Duties and Powers

Pleasure Doctrine & Governor's Duties and Powers The governor of Kerala has issued a warning to ministers, stating that any remarks made by a minister that diminish the stature of the governor's office may result in retaliation, including the withholding of pleasure. Pleasure Doctrine: What is it? In accordance with the English common law's "pleasure theory," the monarch is free to terminate any employee's employment at any time. According to Art


Office-of-Profit A "Second opinion" was requested by the Governor of Jharkhand in the office-of-profit case involving the Chief Minister's demand for dismissal. About A political crisis in the state of Jharkhand resulted from the Election Commission sending its decision to the Governor of the state in response to a petition by the BJP asking for the CM's disqualification from the Assembly in the office-of-profit case. Office of Profit The Constituti

General Consent to CBI

General Consent to CBI The Maharashtra government recently granted the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) general permission to probe cases in Maharashtra. Important Points It overturned the previous Uddhav Thackeray-led Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government's decision. As a result, the CBI will no longer need the state government's permission to conduct investigations in the state. Mandatory consent: The CBI is governed by The Delhi Special Police Esta

Lok Adalat Explained

Lok Adalat Explained The Chhattisgarh government has established Lok Adalat in jails to expedite the resolution of cases for state prisoners. Every working Saturday, these courts will provide relief to undertrials and, in some cases, convicted convicts by teaching their rights and legal options such as plea bargaining and settlement. About Lok Adalats The word 'Lok Adalat' ('People's Court') refers to a court built on Gandhian principles. According to


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