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Deadnaming A rule that forbade transgender people from being misgendered or deadnamed on the social networking site has been abolished by Twitter. Information on news Twitter has also stated that it will only put warning labels on specific messages that may contravene its policies against hate speech. The tweets had already been deleted from the website. Deadnaming A transgender, non-binary, or gender-expansive person's previous name before changing it to one


Adultery • The Supreme Court was questioned by the Union of India over how the ruling against Adultery applied to the military forces. Background While declaring that the decriminalisation of adultery does not apply to the Armed Forces, the Supreme Court has determined that armed forces can punish their commanders for adulterous activities. Is Adultery Crime in India? The SC invalidated Section 497 of the (Adultery IPC), which made adultery a Crime in I

Demography Of India

Demography Of India In 2022, China will see an absolute population loss for the first time, and by 2023, when India's population reaches 1,428.63 million, it will have surpassed China's 1,425.67 million. What Influences Population Change? TFR: Total Fertility Rate In the past three decades, TFR has decreased for India. It decreased from 3.4 to 2 between 1992–1993 and 2019–21; the decline was particularly notable in rural areas. In 1992–1993, the

Urban Infrastructure Financing in India

Urban Infrastructure Financing in India The World Bank recently released a report titled "Financing India's Urban Infrastructure Needs: Constraints to Commercial Financing and Prospects for Policy Action." The report emphasizes the critical importance of leveraging more private and commercial investments to close emerging financial gaps. What are the Report's Highlights? Required Investment: If India is to effectively meet the needs of its rapidly grow

The world's population surpassed 8 billion: UN

The world's population surpassed 8 billion people: United Nations. The United Nations Population Fund recently announced that the world's population has surpassed 8 billion people. More on the news: Reasons for the increase: This unprecedented increase is due to gradual increases in human lifespan as a result of advancements in public health, nutrition, personal hygiene, and medicine. According to the UN, it is also the result of high and persistent levels of fertility

Women's Representation in Parliament

Women's Representation in Parliament In New Zealand, the percentage of women in the legislature recently surpassed 50%. The Inter-Parliamentary Union reports that New Zealand is one of 12 countries worldwide that can say that by 2022, at least 50% of their parliaments will be made up of women. New Zealand was the first country to grant women the right to vote in 1893. Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Rwanda, and the United Arab Emirates are more countries. Around 26% of lawmakers world

Significance OF Tribes

Significance OF Tribes Every year on August 9th, there is a celebration known as World Tribal Day or International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. Its objectives are to advance and defend the rights of all indigenous peoples worldwide and to recognize their contributions to global issues like environmental preservation. Background The day commemorates the 1982 Geneva gathering of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations. Since


FAMILY COURT AMENDMENT BILL 2022 The Lok Sabha passed the Family Courts (Amendment) Bill, 2022 which seeks to amend the Family Court Act, 1984 to establish a family court in Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland. About the Bill: The Bill amends the Family Courts Act, 1984. The Act allows state governments to establish Family Courts to deal with disputes related to family and marriage. The Central Government is empowered to notify the dates for t

Hindi gains due to demographic shift

Hindi gains due to a demographic shift When the Centre launched its NIPUN Bharat scheme in July 2021 to improve foundational literacy and numeracy among primary school students, participants from non-Hindi speaking States complained that they were the ones left feeling illiterate as they could not understand either the speeches, nor the PowerPoint presentations on the scheme, all made in formal Hindi. (Read about the Eighth Schedule Languages first.) Last August, Tamil Nadu delegates at

UP Population Policy 2021-2030

UP Population Policy 2021-2030 Rising population was the root of major problems and prevailing inequality in society. It is also a boon to the problems of the society if we optimally use the demographic dividend and we use it optimally. The new UP policy aims at decreasing the total fertility rate from 2.7 to 2.1 by 2026 and 1.7 by 2030, increase the modern contraceptive prevalence rate from 31.7% to 45% by 2026 and 52% by 2030, increase male methods of contraception use from 10.8%


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