Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

CDRI is to be seen as an international knowledge platform. Here, countries can collaborate to make their existing and new infrastructure strong enough to withstand natural disasters. It tries to bring countries together to share and learn from the one another’s experiences to protect their infrastructure against disasters. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is operating as the interim secretariat of CDRI as of now. It is headquartered at Gurugram, India.

13 February, 2021

Ugandan Army Commander convicted by International Criminal Court

Dominic Ongwen, nicknamed "White Ant", has been convicted by ICC for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. He lead attacks on refugee camps & aimed to set up a state based on the Bible’s Ten Commandments against President Yoweri Museveni. He was part of Lord's Resistance Army that as per UN killed more than 1,00,000 people in a campaign of violence that spread to three other African nations — Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the C

15 February, 2021

USA extends the New START nuclear treaty with Russia

USA extends the New START nuclear treaty with Russia U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration extended the New START nuclear treaty with Russia by five years, saying it hoped to prevent an arms race despite rising tensions with Moscow. “President Biden pledged to keep the American people safe from nuclear threats by restoring U.S. leadership on arms control and nonproliferation,” Mr. Blinken said in a statement. “The United States is committed to effective arms

04 February, 2021

Will India get a UNSC Permanent Seat?

Will India get a UNSC Permanent Seat? In response to a question on whether India, Germany and Japan should become permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), U.S. President Joe Biden’s pick for UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said discussions on the subject were under way. She noted that there were arguments for and opinions against these countries becoming permanent members. “There are some strong arguments for that but I also know that ther

29 January, 2021

TIR Convention

TIR Convention India became the 71st country to ratify the United Nations TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers) Convention. TIR Convention is an international transit system under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). It came into force from 1975. The TIR Convention facilitates the international carriage of goods from one or more customs offices of departure to one or more customs offices of destination (up to a total of four customs offices depar

14 May, 2020

BIO International Convention

BIO International Convention The BIO International Convention is hosted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). India is represented by Minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences. The key benefits of attending the BIO International Convention are access to global biotech and pharma leaders via BIO One-on-One Partnering, exposure to industry though-leaders and networking opportunities. BIO is the largest trade organization in the world that represents t

14 May, 2020

Bioterrorism or Biological Attack

Bioterrorism or Biological Attack Part of: GS-II- International issues (PT-MAINS-PERSONALITY TEST) The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of several world powers in the event of use of biological weapons against them by rogue states and terrorist groups. The United States, Britain and the Soviet Union were involved in developing complex biological weapons programs after World War II and several nations continue to do so currently as

06 May, 2020

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and USA

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and USA Part of: GS-II- Nuclear disarmament (PT-MAINS-PERSONALITY TEST) U.S. President Donald Trump declared that the U.S. is quitting the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, a bilateral agreement with Russia signed in 1987. The decision was not unexpected since the U.S. has long maintained that Russia has been violating the treaty and Mr. Trump has been critical of arms control agreements because,

27 April, 2020

India’s Entry into NSG

India’s Entry into NSG Part of: GS-II- International treaties (PT-MAINS-PERSONALITY TEST) Recently the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) also known as P5 countries (China, France, Russia, Britain and the US) - have concluded their meetings to discuss issues related to nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. China has said that India must sign the Non-Proliferat

27 April, 2020

Nuclear Arm Race-Compliance Report and Nuclear treaties  

Nuclear Arm Race-Compliance Report and Nuclear treaties Part of: GS-II- International treaties (PT-MAINS-PERSONALITY TEST) In News: 2020 Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Compliance ReportThe Trump Administration just released its “Executive Summary of Findings on Adherence to and Compliance with Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments,” also known as the Compliance Report. As directed by Congress, the

27 April, 2020

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