UPSC Courses

UPSC Mains Crash Course

RS. 14999/-

Online/Offline Fee

RAW Classes GS Mains Crash Course Rs. 14999/-

RAW Classes GS Mains Crash Course

  • Comprehensive coverage of GS Papers 1,2,3,4 through Mind maps
  • 40 Q&A Booklet in each class (20 classes)
  • Discussion , Updation and Quick Revision of 800+ topics (Integration with Current topics)
  • 400+ Mind maps

RS. 7500/-

Online/Offline Fee

WSDP Classes Rs. 7500/-

WSDP Classes

Writing Skill Development Programme Features:

  • 21 Tests, including 12 Sectional, 4 Composite, 4 Mock tests and 1 Paper exclusively on Hindi Compulsory Paper.
  • There are 12 Sectional Tests. Idea is to cover the entire subject in its length and breadth.
  • 4 Mock Tests will be conducted on the pattern of UPSC
  • Questions would be designed to judge the candidates’ conceptual clarity and interdisciplinary approach more than the factual knowledge.

Daily Answer Writing 2022


NOW 5000/-

33.3% OFF
Valid for 3 months

Daily Answer Writing

What is DAW programme?

DAW programme is the brainchild of Aspire-IAS started to improve the quality of answer writing among students and also to establish the discipline of writing 6 questions/day. Out of 6 questions, 3 questions will be given as homework and will be discussed in the next session.

Students have to attend each session and have to write the questions live within the stipulated time. Every student will be given the opportunity to read out their answers within the class and also to get the feedback from Director Sir. Discussion of the questions will be done on the same day.

RS. 5500/-

Online/Offline Fee

Editorial & You Classes Rs. 5500/-

Editorial & You Classes

“Newspaper is the Spinal Cord of UPSC Preparation. If you have not read Newspaper then there are high chances of failing this Examination.”

AspireIAS has been the inventor of Newspaper Analysis Batch and this batch has produced 450+ results over a decade. Every year we innovate the structure of our batches and this year we have decided to upgrade the Newspaper Analysis Batch into 1 Hour 2 Newspaper Batch. In this batch we shall go beyond just The Hindu and cover The Indian Express also with additions from PIB, RSTV Summary, Yojana etc.

RS. 3500/-

Online/Offline Fee

Essay Simplified Rs. 3500/-

Essay Simplified

Programme Features:

  • Easy tips and strategies for effective Essay writing.
  • Total 5-8 classes.
  • 2 mock tests on Essay.
  • Detailed Discussion and Model answers after each Test.

RS. 8500/-

Online/Offline Fee

Ethics Full Classes (Includes 100+ case studies) Rs. 8500/-

Ethics Full Classes (Includes 100+ case studies)

Programme Features:

  • Most Comprehensive coverage of all topics of Paper 4.
  • Study Notes and Case studies booklets.
  • Discussion of 100+ case studies.
  • Total 15 Sessions.
  • Practice Q&A .
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions.

RS. 7500/-

Online/Offline Fee

Geography Optional Crash Course Rs. 7500/-

Geography Optional Crash Course

Programme Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of whole Geography Optional through mind maps, diagrams and conceptual explanations.
  • 500+ mapping locations through atlas along with their explanations.
  • Strategies to approach Q&A.
  • Practice of 300+ Q&A.
  • 8 mock tests with discussion by Director sir.

RS. 2999/-

Online/Offline Fee

Mains Kunji Rs. 2999/-

Mains Kunji

The booklets include:

  • Topic-wise synoptic notes for full coverage of syllabus.
  • Guess paper for Mains 2020, with high accuracy.
  • Previous year questions
  • Special emphasis on government schemes and policies.
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