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Dear Aspirants,

Welcome to Saarthi UPSC Mentorship Programme!

SAARTHI, in English, means Charioteer or “The one who Guides us to Success”. In Mahabharata, it was Arjuna who won the battle under the guidance of Lord Krishna. Similarly, all of us need a SAARTHI to get successful in life. In the UPSC preparation, our Teacher or Guru is our SAARTHI. Under her/his guidance, our chances of clearing the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023-24 increase exponentially.

grace of guru saarthi mentorship programme for UPSC

Key Features of UPSC Mentorship Program

  • One to One Discussion in class
  • (Live MCQ Class)1+1(Class Every Week)
  • Discpline Time Table with source & Individual Doubt Clearing Session
  • Cover Minimum 480 to 500 MCQs & Practice in UPSC Standard
  • SAARTHI + Prelims Test Series(₹ 4499/- + ₹ 4499/-) + GST
  • SAARTHI Mentorship Program Fees ₹ 4499/- + GST
  • Fees: 4500/- +GST only for Saarthi
  • Saarthi + integrated test series 15000/- +GST
  • Next session will start from Jan 2024 to April 2024
  • we will give you guidance as per subject
  • How to score 100+ marks in GS paper 1
  • Every week two times live MCQ test, Basic to Advance
  • We will conduct an oral test session with the director sir once a week
  • Student-specific and group-specific counseling suggestions and improvements
  • New Batch Starting (January to April)
  • January (Geography, Mapping & Environment)
  • February (Polity & Economics)
  • March (Economy + Budget + Economic Survey + Government Schemes)
  • April (History + Science & Technologies)
find the teacher for saarthi mentorship programme

Ankit Sir is the Director of Aspire IAS with more than 15+ years of Experience in UPSC Coaching in Delhi. Under Ankit Sir’s guidance, many toppers like Nandini K R (Rank 1), Saloni Rai (Rank 22), Aakriti Bansal (Rank 52), Aditya Vikram Hirani (Rank 60), and 450+ Toppershave cleared UPSC Examination and are now serving as Bureaucrats in the country.

Ankit Sir and his Organisation Aspire IAS have been mentoring UPSC Aspirants from all backgrounds for a decade now, and we shall continue to do so.

Why did we come up with the Saarthi Mentorship Programme?

upsc ias aspirant thinking
  • Lakhs of candidates appear for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, but less than 1% of candidates clear the IAS Exam every year.
  • Every year, there are so many potential candidates who are not able to clear the UPSC IAS Exam due to some mistakes which she/he is not able to diagnose! Here is the role of a Guru, who will tell her/him about where he is making mistakes!
  • In Prelims and Mains, even a single mark counts.
  • It is very important to proceed in the right direction to clear UPSC IAS Examination in Just one attempt!

Hence, Aspire IAS is with you till you clear UPSC Civil Services Exam!

What will you get in Saarthi UPSC Mentorship Programme?

  • Firstly, you will have to fill out a Registration Form to get an appointment with Ankit Sir.
  • Upsc saarthi mentorship programme a UPSC mentorship programme Weekly Targets and Oral Tests.
  • Personalized Guidance, Answer Writing 12 Q/week, 10 MCQs/week on UPSC Pattern Only for 1st 30 Admissions (FCFS)
  • When you Get an Appointment with Ankit Sir, you must ask your queries related to UPSC Preparation or any other thing which is affecting your UPSC Preparation.
  • In the Upsc mentorship programme Ankit Sir shall give your Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks and Homeworks so that you stay disciplined and do not divert from your preparation.
  • After the task, you will be asked Questions based on your Tasks, since we believe in Retention of Topics more than Rote learning.
  • Like this, you will stay disciplined, motivated, inspired throughout your journey of UPSC Preparation.
  • After your UPSC Mentorship session, our team at Aspire IAS shall monitor your progress along with you and ensure that you stay disciplined in your Journey of UPSC Preparation.

If you follow this process diligently, you will clear UPSC in just one attempt!

How to Register in Mentorship Proram for UPSC?

  • Fill the Registration form given below or Whatsapp on “ 8010068998”.
  • Whenever we schedule an Offline or Online (Zoom) Counseling session with Ankit Sir, our team shall contact you.
how to register
What is the validity of the Saarthi Mentorship Programme?
  • This UPSC Mentorship Programme is valid for 5 months.
  • And since Freebies in India is a failed concept in most of the cases, in order to keep you serious and not take this course for granted, we have kept a nominal Fees of Rs. 4500/- +GST
  • Whatsapp/ Text on 8010068998 to get information on How to Register for Saarthi UPSC Mentorship Programme.

Importance of a UPSC Mentorship Program

1. Personalized guidance

A mentor understands your unique strengths, weaknesses and requirements through 1-on-1 discussions. This enables them to design a tailored preparation strategy just for you rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

2. Motivation

The UPSC journey can be long and intensive. A mentor acts as an ongoing source of motivation through pep talks, guidance to overcome mental blocks, frustration and loss of morale when preparation gets overwhelming.

3. Clarity of concepts

Mentors have in-depth knowledge of UPSC subjects. They can explain concepts clearly, help simplify difficult topics and clear any doubts or misconceptions to build strong conceptual clarity.

4. Answer writing skills

Writing effective answers with good structure, content relevance, presentation etc. is a learnable skill. Mentors guide you on how to frame answers as per UPSC expectations through answer reviews.

5. Exam strategy

Mentors are experienced with UPSC patterns. They provide tips and strategies focused on maximizing score - how to select questions in each section, time management, preparing model question plans etc.

6. Current affairs analysis

Mentors help analyze current affairs from an exam point of view. They highlight focus areas for static vs dynamic portions and guide your revision.

7. Interview preparation

Mentors use mock interviews to improve communication, body language, spontaneity, presence of mind, leadership skills and other personality parameters essential for the final interview.

8. Doubt resolution

Instead of grappling with doubts yourself, quick access to mentors helps resolve conceptual doubts instantly, reducing frustration.

9. Assessment & feedback

Periodic assessment of preparation by experts prevents stagnation. Their feedback helps keep your preparation evolving in the right direction.

10. Success stories

Interacting with those who successfully cleared UPSC instills belief that if others can do it, so can you. It acts as a much-needed morale boost.

How a Mentor’s Guidance Can Save Your Precious Attempts

It usually takes non-recommended candidates around 3-4 attempts on average to clear the UPSC exam given the vast syllabus, evolving exam patterns and limited number of attempts. However, with the guidance of an expert mentor, candidates unlock a key advantage in their UPSC journey by saving those crucial attempts & time through:

Objective Planning

Confused about a ranked-up or chronological approach in studying? An experienced mentor will craft a customized strategy covering fundamentals in logical flow staying true to one’s strengths & weakness analysis. This saves a whole cycle of inefficient preparation attempts in the very initial year.

Regular Evaluation & Feedback

UPSC preparations can often hit someone “unaware”. Just studying continuously for months without assessing preparedness is pointless. Timely feedback from mentors & test evaluations provide critical course corrections allowing students to adapt strategies like balancing current affairs with static portions. Such expert-led progress tracking removes attempts wasted in wrong directions.

Developing Presentation

Just studying UPSC content won’t suffice if unable to express it correctly. Structuring answers by practice under exam conditions followed by experts identifying strengths like intro-body coherence, conclusion effectiveness etc prepares students for the main exam challenge. It enhances content by ~30-40% - MAY make the defining difference in selection.

Time Management

“The syllabus is just too vast!” is a common cry. An expert breaks it logically into doable chunks for time-bound completion, instilling confidence in covering portions without shortcuts. It makes exams more score-friendly by doing less randomly & more consciously!

Motivation & Feedback

Continuous motivation, inspiration from seniors’ success stories, one-on-one feedback are pivotal. It positively reinforces candidates’ to keep going without emotional burnout. Building human connections thus saves attempts by keeping students in the “right mind space”.

As evident, UPSC is as much a psychological battle as academic. The RIGHT mentoring provides holistic guidance sharpening all student facets for maximizing early success probabilities!

Let me know if you would like any further elaboration or some specific example to be included in any of the pointers discussed above.

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