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C2U(Connect to UPSC) NCERT Foundation Batch 2024

Why One Should Read NCERTs ?

  • NCERTs is the basis of our Education system. It introduces us to the ideals of India, the system we work in and what everyone should read before entering into the administration as a responsible person. Hence, reading of NCERTs is a must.
  • But if we talk about UPSC Prelims and Mains Examination, since 2016 the weightage given to NCERTs and the direct questions coming through it in UPSC Prelims Examination is reducing.
ncert foundation batch
  • But it is important to read NCERTs for upcoming UPSC Mains Examination, because the language that is used in NCERT is very simple and easy to understand. Such language is also expected to be written in UPSC Mains Examination 2024 to fetch 450+ marks.
  • We must not read the whole NCERTs but only 22 NCERTs which is highly important for UPSC Mains Examination like Democracy of India, Macro Economics, Political Theories etc.
  • Along with NCERTs it is important that we also go beyond NCERTs because this is the recent trends of UPSC Prelims Examination from 2017 to 2024.
  • They follow the same concepts but the questions are asked beyond the NCERTs to check the conceptual clarity and crystal clear understanding of the candidate.
  • Here, AspireIAS has come up with Connect to UPSC NCERT Foundation Batch in which we shall teach you beyond NCERT and only those NCERTs which are important for UPSC Mains Examination 2024.

C2U Programme Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of 20+ NCERTs.
  • Chapter wise discussion of NCERTs.
  • Special emphasis on key terminologies.
  • Integration with contemporary issues.
  • Oral tests, home works and daily revisions.
  • Learning and retention within the class. You will just need to revise multiple times.
  • Doubt clearing sessions before Class would ensure you have no gaps in your preparation strategy. Even a single error can cost your rank in the Final List.
  • 40-45 classes in total and 4 days a week

Procedure for Online Classes

  • Enroll through www.aspireias.com
  • After enrolment students will get a username and password through email and through SMS to access classes live on Zoom platform
  • Students can interact with sir during live session.
  • In case you miss live class at the scheduled time, recorded video of the class will be available in your account just after the class is over.
  • Recorded sessions can be accessed from ‘My Account’ section.
  • Classes will be conducted live as per the class schedule.
  • Soft Copy of Q&A Booklets will be uploaded in PDF format into your account.
  • Doubt clearing session through Email/Whatsapp.


From the formative years of our life till the Personality Test stage of UPSC and even in day to day aspects of life, NCERT provides a base for a holistic understanding of various topics which forms the basis of working areas of a Civil Servant.

Since last 10 years UPSC is asking questions on the applied part and holistic understanding of the topics, to answer which the base of the topics must be strong. This base is provided by the C2U – Connect to UPSC NCERT Basics Development Batch.

One Class Free

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