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Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX)

Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX) Recently, Hyderabad researchers found a remedy to stop progression of rare genetic diseases. About CTX Only four CTX cases have so far been medically documented in India. About the disease: It is a lipid-storage skin disease with no known medical cure but its progression can be stopped. It is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder caused by an abnormality in the CYP27A1 gene. The lack of this enzyme prevents cholesterol from being

Arvind Virmani: Full-time Member of NITI Aayog

Arvind Virmani: Full-time Member of NITI Aayog Dr. Arvind Virmani, a senior economist, was recently appointed as a full-time member of the NITI Aayog by the government. Dr V K Saraswat, Professor Ramesh Chand, and Dr V K Paul are the current members. About the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) It was established in 2015 to replace the Planning Commission. It is an Executive Body (acts as a think tank and advisory body) with the goal of continuously

About Vostro and Nostro Accounts

About Vostro and Nostro Accounts The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has approved the opening of nine Special Vostro Accounts with two Indian banks, UCO and IndusInd Bank, to facilitate rupee trade overseas. Regarding the Vostro account It is an account held by a domestic bank for a foreign bank in the domestic bank's currency, which in India is the rupee. Payments in rupee for the export and import of goods will be made to these Vostro accounts in the case of trade with Russia. Th

Mangarh Massacre

Mangarh Massacre On November 17, 1913, a horrible disaster that killed more than 1,500 Bhil tribal people, took place in Mangarh (Banswada, Rajasthan). The Adivasi Jallianwala is another name for the Mangrah hilltop, which is located near the boundary between Gujarat and Rajasthan. What caused the massacre in Mangarh? The Bhils, a tribal people, experienced severe hardships at the hands of the British and princely state tyrants. The Bhils living in Rajasthan and Gujarat

Exercise ‘Sea Vigil-22’

Exercise ‘Sea Vigil-22’ The third edition of ‘Sea Vigil-22’ is all set to commence on the eastern seaboard as part of the nation-wide Coastal Defence Exercise from November 15. About Exercise ‘Sea Vigil-22’ It was conceptualised in 2018 to validate various measures that have been instituted towards enhancing maritime security since the 26/11 Mumbai attack. The exercise is being conducted by the Indian Navy in coordination with the Indian

Asian Diarrhoeal Disease and Nutrition Conference

Asian Diarrhoeal Disease and Nutrition Conference Union Minister recently spoke at the 16th Asian Conference on Diarrhoeal Disease and Nutrition (ASCODD) in Kolkata. Delegates from India and other South East Asian countries, African countries, the United States, and Europe participated virtually in the conference. What are the Conference's Key Highlights? The theme of the ASCODD was "Community participation in the prevention and control of cholera, typhoid, and other enteric

Megalithic Burial Sites

Megalithic Burial Sites Recent research indicates that Andhra Pradesh's Tirupati district is home to the largest number of anthropomorphic burial sites. An anthropomorphic site is one that has an image of a human body over its megalithic graves. A megalith is a massive stone that has been utilised, either alone or in conjunction with other stones, to build a prehistoric construction or monument. Megaliths were built as memorials (non-sepulchral) or as places of remembra

Acharya Kripalani

Acharya Kripalani The Indian Prime Minister recently honoured Acharya Kripalani on his Jayanti. About Acharya Kripalani: He was born in Hyderabad, Sindh, on November 11th, 1888. Although Acharya Kripalani was his more well-known moniker, his real name was Jivatram Bhagwandas Kripalani. He was an advocate for Indian independence, a politician, and an educator. Educationist: He taught at numerous locations between 1912 and 1927 before fully committing to the independence

The Transport 4 All Challenge

The Transport 4 All Challenge It is a project of the Government of India's Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Aim: To bring cities, citizens, and startups together to create solutions that improve public transportation and better serve the needs of all citizens. Focuses on digital innovation and invites cities, citizens, and innovators to collaborate on developing contextual digital solutions to improve formal and informal public transportation in order to better serve the

Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina Shawl Customs officials recently voiced complaints over the presence of "Shahtoosh" guard hair, which comes from endangered Tibetan antelopes, in Pashmina shawls in many of their export shipments. Describe Pashmina. Pashmina is a type of wool with a Geographical Indication (GI) label that originates in the Indian state of Kashmir. In the past, the Kashmiri people relied on Pashmina shawls to keep them warm in the winter. The word "Pashmina" d


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