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is the most important subject of UPSC Prelims, Mains and Interview section because it has the weightage of around 30 marks in Prelims, 100-120 Marks in Mains and a good part of Personality Test. Considering the questions UPSC asks in Prelims, they have moved from being static and traditional topics to Current oriented terminologies, Banking, Fiscal Policy, RBI etc. and only an Expert can guide you well.

Our Director, Mr. Ankit Kumar has a Post Graduate degree in Economics and has a hold over 800+ topics which he corelates with the current affairs. This is exactly what is needed to score highest marks in UPSC Mains Examination 2021.

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What you will get from this batch?

  • We do not just teach Theoretical Economics, we give Live examples, Application of Knowledge, Applied Economics by using friendly pedagogical methods which would ensure long term retention within the class.
  • We focus on Priority wise teaching as per the latest trends of UPSC Prelims 2015-2020. For Example
    • 1. Economics Terminologies, Banking, RBI, Fiscal Policy, Government Budgeting, Economic Survey, Government Schemes are Priority I topics. Most of the questions from 2017 to 2020 has come on these Topics. Hence we focus on them first.
    • 2. Then comes Priority II Topics like Capital Markets, Reports and other Government Schemes etc.
  • Simple and Lucid teaching by Ankit Sir who is an Expert himself in Economy
  • Mindmap and Diagrams approach will help you get a clear cut understanding of the complex topics of Economy which includes complex concepts.
  • You will be able to corelate with multiple topics and in life and this will replicate in answers as well.
  • We shall have more than 400 diagrams in the class.
  • Learning and retention within the class. You will just need to revise multiple times because Environment and Economics are very dynamic concepts.
  • Doubt clearing sessions before Class would ensure you have no gaps in your preparation strategy. Even a single error can cost your rank in the Final List.
  • Coverage of 3 years current economics through Good morning times (Current affairs Booklet)
  • Then Revision lecture series through a new Sanjeevani batch just before the exams for your final revision.

Schedule of the Class

  • 4 Days a week class.
  • Doubt clearing session at the start.
  • 20-24 classes in total.
  • Hybrid module (Online, Offline and Recorded Lectures available).

You will also get the structure for every topic so that you know what to study and where do the questions come from. For example


  • History and Chronology of Banking
  • Structure and Types of Banking
  • RBI and recent reforms, RBI reports.
  • Monetary Policy and RBI
  • Issues in Banking Sector
  • Government Efforts in Banking Sector
  • You will get concrete notes on Banking topics which would ensure no answer gets wrong in the final exam provided you revise it multiple times.

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Economics Batch Rs. 8500 @ Rs. 8500/-

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