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From time of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his social movement, certain type of rule and guidelines were established to achieve the desired goals, even Mahatma Gandhi during the Non-cooperation movement gave guidelines of non-violence and satyagraha which were nothing but Code of Conduct (CoC)

To achieve any desired goal within a formal environment like any organization, NGO, army, schools, etc. there has been the need of certain guidelines in the from of code of conduct (COC).

[A diagram showing importance of COC to lead a healthy and a balanced life]

  • COC sometimes are morals and values provided by family, therefore, informal in nature. While in other times they are written and formal in nature like the ten commandments, COC for civil services, COC provided by BCCI for players, etc.
  • Therefore, COC is a set of rules standards, principles, values, outlining the expected behavior for each member in an organization. Also, they are legally enforceable therefore if not followed may result into disciplinary action.
  • COC are designed to prevent certain form of corruption, conflict of interest, self-dealing and inappropriate behavior against both senior and junior. It outlines specific behaviors required or prohibited conditions of ongoing employment.
  • Therefore, COC result into formalization of an organization where every human resource having their rules, strict hierarchy, disciplinary action, promotion, demotion which over time enhance overall productivity.
  • But COC is a narrow concept resulting into rigidity, even poor work culture. Therefore, more than COC in an organization we can promote Code of Ethics as visualized in TATA, Birla, ISRO, etc.


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