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21st century is a ‘century of crisis’ where one of the most prominent crises is energy crisis and climate change. World countries are moving towards more sustainable sources of energy.

The countries like USA identified that the deepest part of the rocks known as Shale rocks are having some reserves of hydrocarbons with very less Sulphur content.

India has good reserves associated with Shale gas and Shale rocks.

[A map of India showing areas of Shale gas potential]

To explore Shale gas and Shale oil, the technology is Hydraulic Fracking where the mix of fresh water, sand and some chemicals are inserted into the deep Shale rock with pressure which over time generates cracks and from these vents we can explore Shale gas and oil reserves.

For a country like India the Shale gas technology is not sustainable because:

1. Water scarcity

2. Biodiversity loss as good amount of land is required for exploration os Shale gas

3. Tribal displacement and resettlement issues

4. Problem of land acquisition

5. Contamination of groundwater reserves

6. Highly expensive technology where we are dependent on USA and its royalty charges.

7. Good amount of CO2, Nitrogen and Sulphur emission.

Therefore, India should not be greedy about Shale gas and the money invested in Shale gas should be diverted for development of solar panels, offshore wind power plants, tidal energy and small hydropower plants.





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