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What is Target-50 ?

T-50 (Target-50) is the most successful batch of Aspire IAS started during 2013 on the line of targeted selection program. It gets its name because Director Sir inducts only 50 students in this first batch for the purpose of individual monitoring and for the quality of the class. From our first batch, 27/50 students got selected into the civil services on the same year. Now, 45/50 from that batch is into the civil services.

This batch is designed for holistic preparation of UPSC GS Mains Paper 1,2,3,4 and Essay writing. This batch gives a comprehensive analysis for mains preparation which can give you an edge to score 400+ marks in GS Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The most significant step to find your rank in the final merit list of UPSC Civil Services Examination depends primarily on UPSC Mains Examination 2024. Hence, Aspire IAS has come up with the innovative Target 50 batch.

In this batch we focus only on the 50 dedicated candidates and increase their chances of clearing UPSC Mains Examination 2024 with 400+ marks.

What does T-50 programme include ?

This prestigious program includes:

  • 800+ mind maps for GS Mains Paper I to IV.

  • Well-crafted topic-wise Mains notes,

  • Mains test series through Writing Skill Development Program (WSDP) batch- 16 tests (12 Section-wise and 4 Paper-wise)- 300+ Questions

  • Daily answer writing (DAW) programme- 300 Questions

  • GS Mains Revision crash course through Revise & Analyse.

target 50 mains
  • Essay writing batch and

  • Current affairs programme through Newspaper Analysis programme (NAP).

Target-50 PT Cum Mains 2024-Online


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Target-50 PT Cum Mains 2024-Online

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₹ 98000/- (+GST)

  • Well-crafted topic-wise Mains notes
  • 800+ mind maps for GS Mains Paper I to IV.
  • Daily answer writing (DAW) programme- 300 Questions
  • GS Mains Revision crash course through Revise & Analyse.
  • Essay writing batch
  • Current affairs programme through Newspaper Analysis programme (NAP).

Target-50 Mains 2024


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Target-50 Mains 2024

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₹ 68000/- (+GST)

  • Current affairs programme through Newspaper Analysis programme (NAP).
  • Essay writing batch
  • GS Mains Revision crash course through Revise & Analyse.
  • Daily answer writing (DAW) programme- 300 Questions
  • Well-crafted topic-wise Mains notes
  • 800+ mind maps for GS Mains Paper I to IV.

What can you get ?

Topic wise notes for the whole syllabus of UPSC Mains Examination 2024 from General Studies Paper I to Paper IV.

Each topic will be provided with the detailed analysis of 800+ Topics with Diagrams, Mindmaps, Structures, Strategic presentation so that when you give UPSC Mains Examination 2024 you will just need to study those Mindmaps to revise it before your Mains.

Daily answer writing practice of 6 questions/day within the class followed by discussion by Director Sir.

This batch provides Revision notes for the whole syllabus to aid you in last minute revision. Practice for structuring of more than 800+ most probable questions for UPSC Mains Examination 2024.

Mains test series through Writing Skill Development Programme (WSDP) with 16 papers (12 Section-wise and 4 Paper-wise). Aspire IAS is the best place for mains test series because the papers are meticulously designed by the Director Sir himself with the most probable questions for this year and simultaneous discussion of the paper on the same day with paper correction.

Essay writing practice. Director Sir has the experience of all the Mains subjects for the past 14+ years. Essay batch is unique in Aspire IAS as we focus on making the students write the most comprehensive essay with the knowledge of all the subjects they learn. Essay writing will be taught to students on the line of the demand of UPSC exam.

Newspaper Analysis Program (NAP) is the brainchild of Aspire IAS It is the comprehensive coverage of Newspaper, Yojanas and around 600+ topics. Every news will be taught with its background. Students have to make the notes from the newspapers themselves after the class. Note making from newspaper helps the student with greater comprehension ability. Every student must maintain a PT-pointer book to note down facts and data, and 6 folders to note down the gist of important editorials topic wise. All the details of note making will be provided in the class.

Hence, it is a very comprehensive batch which is a one stop source for the preparation of whole UPSC-GS mains examination.

About our Director Sir

Director Sir has 14+ years of teaching experience. Under his guidance UPSC Toppers like Nandini K R (Rank 1 – 2016), Vishal Narwade (IAS 2020 Batch), Vishal Singh (IFoS 2020), Reshma (IPS 2017) have gotten excellent marks in Mains which helped them immensely to get into the final list.

Sir is known for his Gurukul style of teaching within the class. Students are seen as the part of our family. Director Sir is easily reachable by the students. Students are welcome to meet sir in case of any academic or psychological counselling. He pays individual attention to every student.

Student friendly fee structure

We see education as a public good rather than a commercial tool for profits. Aspire IAS is always committed towards equitable access of education to all the needy sections of the people.

Approximate fee structure of other Institutions:

  • GS Mains classes for Paper I to IV

    - approx. Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000

  • Mains test series

    - approx. Rs.12,000 to Rs.20,000

  • Essay writing programme

    - approx. Rs.5,500 to Rs.7,000

  • Current Affairs programme

    - approx. Rs.15,000 to Rs.16,000

  • Quality Improvement programme

    - approx. Rs.12,000


    - Rs.94,500 to Rs.1,15,000

Fee structure of Aspire IAS:

“We aspire for our student’s results more than profits”

Programme features

  • Targer-50 pt-cum-mains batch is a 9.5-month batch

  • Current Batch Duration is from 16th june 2024 - May 2025

Before Prelims:

  • Completion of whole Paper II and III and 50% of Paper I as it has some similar topics in prelims examination.

  • 300+ questions will be practiced before prelims through Daily Answer Writing (DAW) programme.

  • 3 years current affairs through Newspaper analysis programme (NAP) before prelims.

After prelims:

  • Completion of Ethics, Social issues, World History.

  • GS mains crash course through Revise & Analyse with 700+ structuring of questions

  • Mains test series through Writing Skill Development Programme (WSDP) with 300+ questions.

  • Essay batch with the practice of 6 essays.

Mode of the class

Classes are available both on Online & Recorded mode

Class timings

Timing: _ _ _ _

Days: 4-5 days/week

Note: -

  • Any sharing of the Notes or Mindmaps will lead to Copyright violation and suitable action can be taken against you.

  • There is no Demo Lecture available for this batch. But you can check out UPSC Mains Guess Paper Series of Youtube channel AspireIAS.

“Give your time, we can give your results”- Director sir


This batch includes comprehensive analysis on GS papers 1,2,3,4 to make the student well versed in 800+ topics required for the UPSC Mains examination.

This programme helps a candidate to develop a strong foundation and conceptual clarity to crack all the 3 levels of this examination. This batch integrates 3 stages of preparation:

  • Learning Stage
  • Testing Stage
  • Analytical Stage

Yes, This batch is available Online ( LIVE ) as well as Recorded lecture.

Yes, through Writing Skill Development Programme.

This T-50 batch is the most suggested batch by the toppers. This batch focuses on the development of analytical skills, conceptual clarity and learning through mind maps. Students will get topic wise notes and mind maps for quick revision before the Mains examination

Yes. Classes will be taken in bilingual language (Hindi & English). Even students can write answers in Hindi which will be evaluated by director sir himself.

Yes. Students can have personal interaction with Director sir twice a week.


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