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Q-3 You and your friend are living together in a metropolitan city and preparing for civil service examinations. While you manage to meet your daily targets, you sense that your friend is unable to cope up with the pressure of the exam. Fear of not passing the exam and meeting the expectations of his family is stressing him further. You realise that with time your friend is losing interest in everything and often talks about committing suicide if he is unable to meet his goal. He is also missing out on meals and prefers to stay indoors when asked to venture out. When you sought professional help, the doctor diagnosed your friend with clinical depression. Being aware that your friend needs professional counselling and psychiatric care, you reach out to his parents who reside in a rural area. They rebuff you for suggesting counselling and instead reiterate that nothing is wrong with him. They sternly mention that your bringing up the matter will only make people engage in loose talk. They also ignore you when you politely inform them that it is not wise to ignore one’s mental health. Your friend’s parents see his state as a sign of failure and decide to call him home where he can continue with his preparation. You are aware of the gravity of the situation if your friend goes back to his house. You also know that there is very little awareness about mental health and that the solution is not to ignore it but to take necessary measures to tackle it. (a) As a concerned friend and an aspiring civil servant who can frame policies for the public in the future and has a moral duty towards them, what are the options available to you in such a situation? (b) Evaluate each of these options and choose the option you would adopt, giving reasons. (250 words) 10 marks 11min
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