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03 Oct, 2020

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01 October,2020
Time to shift focus to the maritime sphere

Time to shift focus to the maritime sphere Context: This article talks about the need for India to shift its focus from continental strategies to the maritime sphere as its continental grand strategy is facing an existential crisis today. India’s continental strategy India

Is one language enough?

Is one language enough? Indonesian example: Hundreds of languages were spoken across thousands of islands that now comprise the modern nations of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Malay had evolved due to the need in maritime Southeast Asia for a common language for trade and other excha

Weighing the costs: On COVID-19 vaccine

Weighing the costs: On COVID-19 vaccine Context: Union Health Minister, on multiple occasions has said that an India-made vaccine was likely to be available in “early 2021”. The government already has an expert committee on vaccine distribution. Expert committee on vaccine

30 September,2020
Managing the global commons

Managing the global commons Context: Various events that have occurred in 2020 so far such as the pandemic, record-breaking forest fires, floods and droughts in various places, and the rapid melting of Arctic ice are majorly due to the disruption of the environment. These events point tow

A demarcation in the interest of public order (Police Commissionerate System)

Police Commissionerate System Context In recent times protests against the government have risen quite significantly. Protests are hallmarks of a democratic nation, but protest needs to be peaceful and in concurrence with the ethos of the constitution. In a district, the Dual command stru

UN and the retreat from multilateralism

UN and the retreat from multilateralism Context: The United Nations commemorated its 75th anniversary on September 21, 2020 by adopting a Declaration. The anniversary comes at a time when the world is witnessing a retreat from multilateralism. It also faces an unprecedented pandemic. In


01 Feb, 2024

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