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18 May, 2021

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How are new districts carved?

GS-II : Indian Polity State Legislatures

How are new districts carved?

Malerkotla recently became the 23rd district in Punjab

Section 5 of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, 1887 says the “State government may, by notification, vary the limits and alter the numbers of tehsils, districts and divisions into which the State is divided”.

  • The power to create new districts or alter or abolish existing districts rests with the State governments. This can either be done through an executive order or by passing a law in the State Assembly.
  • The many States prefer the executive route by simply issuing a notification in the official gazette.
  • States argue that smaller districts lead to better administration and governance. For example, in 2016, the Assam government issued a notification to upgrade the Majuli sub-division to the Majuli district for “administrative expediency”.

Does the Central government have a role to play here?

  • The Centre has no role to play in the alteration of districts or the creation of new ones. States are free to decide.
  • The Home Ministry comes into the picture when a State wants to change the name of a district or a railway station.
  • The State government’s request is sent to other departments and agencies such as the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Intelligence Bureau, Department of Posts, Geographical Survey of India Sciences and the Railway Ministry seeking clearance.
  • A no-objection certificate may be issued after examining their replies.

What has been the trend?

  • According to the 2011 Census, there were 593 districts in the country. The Census results showed that between 2001-2011, as many as 46 districts were created by States.
  • Though the 2021 Census is yet to happen, Know India, a website run by the Government of India, says currently there are 718 districts in the country.
  • The surge in number is also due to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into A.P. and Telangana in 2014.
  • Telangana at present has 33 districts and A.P. has 13 districts.

Source: TH

Iran to develop Farzad B gas field domestically

GS-II : International Relations Iran

Iran to develop the Farzad B gas field domestically

  • Iran on Monday gave the Farzad B gas field to Petropars, a domestic gas producer.
  • This is a setback for India’s energy ties with Iran as ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) discovered the gas field in 2000 and has been part of the ongoing cooperation on that front.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs has not yet commented on the development but OVL had discovered the Farzad B gas field in the Farsi region, which is located between the Iranian and Saudi territories.
  • Monday’s deal in Iran comes despite India’s long-standing cooperation regarding the gas field and is indicative of the impact of the U.S. sanctions on India-Iran energy cooperation, which had been drastically reduced during the Donald Trump administration in the U.S.
  • Last year, Mr Zanganeh had indicated that foreign talks on the Farzad B block had become difficult because of the sanctions. Monday’s deal will pave the way for daily production of 28 million cum of gas over five years, reported Shana.

Source: TH

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