28 June, 2019

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27 June,2019
Problem of Drought in India

The CRUX: Despite several States reeling under the severity of drought and consequent crop failure, none of them has sought financial aid from the National Disaster Relief Fund in 2019-20  the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change said according to the Indian Meteorological D

Efforts to conserve biodiversity

The CRUX: Context: An inter-State meeting of senior forest personnel in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala at Bandipur in Karnataka recently decided to make concerted effort to conserve wildlife in the region. Various issues discussed: Invasion of invasive plants in the forest areas S

Nature of Indian Polity

The CRUX: Voting percentage: BJP vote share - 37.4%, Congress - 19.5% Major reasons for such a poliarised result: Towering symbol and voice Keeping nationalism as the theme   Parliamentary democracy is the cornerstone of the edifice sanctified by the Constitution. Ne

Issue of Mob Lynching in India

The CRUX: Context: Death of a  24-year-old man in Jharkhand days after he was brutally beaten by a mob. Issue - Crowd forced him to shout "Jai Sri Ram" and "Jai Hanuman" - confirming that vigilante justice and mob lynch mentality are guided by a sectarian mot

Daily News Update for 27th June 2019

Daily News Updates for 27th June 2019   From the columns of The Hindu   54 nations including Pakistan and China supported India's bid for a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council A survey was conducted on the newly mooted "SMART" policing survey -

26 June,2019
ASEAN and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

The CRUX: Context: Recent statement by Malaysian PM Mr. Mahathir Mohamad that he would prefer to go ahead with a formulation of 13 countries that are willing to go ahead immediately, and allow outliers India, Australia, and New Zealand to join the pact at a future date. Unresolved Issues

Daily News Updates

Daily News Updates for 26th June 2019   From the columns of The Hindu Odisha to focus on agriculture development and farmers' welfare to bring poverty below 5% over the next five years. Central Water Management Authority directs Karnataka to release 9.19 tmcft Cauvery wat

PT 2020 Special

PT 2020 Special - 26th June 2019 PT Pointer 1 Composite Health Index About the Index It is a useful tool for systematic measurement of annual performance across States and UTs Published as a part of the report "Healthy States, Progressive India " - the 1st edition

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