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  • 16 October, 2019

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History :

Ottoman Empire under Khilafat ideology ruled the whole West Asia along with Syria till World War 1 with Istanbul as its capital.

After World War I, Kemal Ataturk's Revolution transitioned from Ottoman Empire to secular Turkish National identity

Present Ideology of Erdogan:

1. Similar views like Ottoman's Khilafat .Reiterating Turkish Islamic rules (against Kemal's secular ideology).
2. Wanted to establish buffer zone or safe zone upto 480 km wide and 35 km Deep till Rojava.
Puropose: a. To shift Syrian refugees
b. To secure Turkish territory.

3. Calls PKK( Kurdish Workers Party) as terrorist organisation and calls YPG (People's Protection Unit) as an affiliation of PKK.
4. With the loss of his party in June mayoral election in Istanbul, he hopes for a successful military operation to gain popularity.

Advantages of Turkey:

1. It is the second largest armed forces in NATO
2. Flat and arid terrain also favours Turkey

Operations conducted by Turkey :

Operation Olive branch
Operation Peacespring

Impacts of Turkey's unilateral acions :

1. Spill over effects outside West Asia even in Europe.
2. Decline in America's dominance due to its pullover.
3. Attacking YPG may Unleash the IS terrorist imprisoned by them.
4. SDF started supporting Bashar Al Assad.
5. Increasing Syrian human rights violations and refugees.


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