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  • 23 July, 2022

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Actor Emilia Clarke, who appeared in the Game of Thrones, has revealed her struggle with a brain aneurysm that caused the loss of "quite a bit" of the organ.

What s is an Aneurysm??

  • It is the swelling of the arteries and veins in any part of the body and is caused by the weakening of the walls. It occurs most commonly in the aorta, back of the knees, brain, or intestines.
  • An aneurysm often looks like a berry hanging on a stem.
  • If the aneurysm gets ruptured, it can even cause internal bleeding and even stroke.
  • Blood vessels of the brain and the heart are the most common locations to get seriously affected.
  • The swelling can be of two types.
  • Either the complete blood vessel is swollen or a specific side of the blood vessel can bulge out from the sides.


A sudden and severe headache is the key symptom of a ruptured aneurysm. This headache is often described as the "worst headache" someone can ever experience.

In addition to a severe headache, common signs and symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm are as follow:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stiff neck
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Seizure
  • A drooping eyelid
  • Loss of consciousness


  • Potential risk factors for aneurysm include smoking, age, high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, and tissue disorders.
  • Pregnancy can also increase the risk of aneurysms of the spleen.


  • A device called a Flow Diversion Stent is a new innovative intervention for the treatment of an aneurysm for the initial stages when it has not ruptured.
  • A cylindrical, metallic mesh stent is placed inside the sac of the parent blood vessel to divert the blood flow from the aneurysm.
  • The diversion is mainly aimed at mainly preventing the rupture.
  • Flow diversion can be used to treat large or giant wide-necked brain aneurysms.

Risk reduction

In most cases being congenital, it is not always possible to prevent the aneurysm, but certain lifestyle changes can help to reduce the risk.

These include quitting smoking and maintaining healthy blood pressure by sticking to a balanced diet even maintaining healthy body weight, and avoiding a high cholesterol diet will help in preventing it.

Source: The Indian express

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