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  • 31 May, 2020

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Assumption Island - Seychelles

Assumption Island - Seychelles

Assumption Island is one of the 115 islands constituting Seychelles archipelago. India signed a pact to develop Assumption Island, during PM Modi’s visit to Seychelles in 2015.

  • Ironing out the earlier differences, India has now signed a revised agreement with Seychelles.
  • Assumption Island is leased to India for the operation of a naval base and air strip by the Indian navy.
  • The agreement will enable India to help Seychelles build military infrastructure for the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces.
  • Seychelles has said it would “suspend” the use of military facilities on Assumption Island in case if India is at war. This is because it is not a military base.
  • Also, other “international partners” can also use the facilities being developed by India on the island. It is being financed entirely by India; but Seychelles retains full ownership of the facilities and sovereign rights over the island.

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