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  • 14 January, 2023

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Exercise VARUNA

Exercise VARUNA

  • On the western seaboard, the 21st iteration of the edition naval exercise between France and India just got underway.
  • Although the two fleets' bilateral exercise was first conducted in 1993, it was renamed "VARUNA" in 2001 and has since come to symbolize the strategic bilateral cooperation between France and India.
  • The drill will take place from January 16–20, 2023, over a five-day period.
  • These exchanges serve as a further reminder of the ideals that our two navies share in preserving maritime freedom, upholding an open, inclusive Indo-Pacific, and upholding a rules-based international order.
  • High-speed naval operations at sea, including as sophisticated air defence and anti-submarine drills, tactical manoeuvres, underway resupply, and other maritime security operations, will be part of the exercise.
  • The French Navy is conducting the "Varuna" joint exercise as part of the "CLEMENCEAU 21" deployment of the French carrier strike group in the eastern Mediterranean, Gulf, and Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea).
  • Its objective is to improve partnerships with partner navies, particularly India for the Indian Ocean component, and to help stabilize these vital zones.
  • Initiated in 1993 and given the name "Varuna" in 2001, the bilateral exercise has come to characterize the strategic bilateral cooperation between France and India.
  • The Indian Navy's indigenous guided missile stealth destroyer INS Chennai, guided missile frigate INS Teg, maritime patrol aircraft P-8I and Dornier, integrated helicopters, and MiG29K fighter aircraft will also take part in this round of the exercise.
  • The aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle, the frigates FS Forbin and Provence, the support vessel FS Marne, and the maritime patrol aircraft Atlantique will serve as the French Navy's representatives.
  • The exercise also gives the Indian Navy the chance to pick up on the French Navy's cutting-edge technologies and capabilities while also enhancing its own maritime capabilities.

Other Indo-French Joint Exercises:

  • Desert Knight-21 and Garuda (Air exercise)
  • Varuna (Naval exercise)
  • Shakti (Army exercise)

Source: PIB

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