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  • 05 July, 2020

  • 3 Min Read

Great Oxidation Event (GOE)

Great Oxidation Event (GOE)

  • The Great Oxidation Event (GOE), sometimes also called the Great Oxygenation Event, Oxygen Catastrophe, Oxygen Crisis, Oxygen Holocaust, or Oxygen Revolution, was a time period when the Earth's atmosphere and the shallow ocean experienced a rise in oxygen, approximately 2.4 billion years ago (2.4 Ga) to 2.1–2.0 Ga during the Paleoproterozoic era.
  • Geological, isotopic, and chemical evidence suggests that biologically produced molecular oxygen (dioxygen, O2) started to accumulate in Earth's atmosphere and changed Earth's atmosphere from a weakly reducing atmosphere to an oxidizing atmosphere, causing many existing species on Earth to die out.
  • The cyanobacteria producing the oxygen caused the event which enabled the subsequent development of multicellular forms.

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  • 14 June, 2020

  • 5 Min Read

Great Oxidation Event (GOE)

Great Oxidation Event (GOE)

  • The atmosphere of early Earth contained little molecular oxygen. A significant increase in oxygen occurred ca. 2.4–2.0 billion years ago in what is called the Great Oxidation Event (GOE).
  • A large positive excursion in carbon isotopic composition in sedimentary carbonates is known to have occurred 2.2–2.0 billion years ago (the Lomagundi-Jatuli event), which provides evidence for an enhanced rate of organic carbon burial, i.e., enhanced net production of oxygen.
  • The Proterozoic snowball Earth event (global glaciation) occurred 2.3–2.2 billion years ago, roughly coinciding with the GOE.
  • Thus, a causal relationship between the GOE and the snowball Earth event has been suggested.
  • The snowball Earth event could have been triggered by an increase in oxygen in the atmosphere because it would have resulted in a significant reduction of atmospheric methane level, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere and causing global glaciation.
  • On the other hand, the termination of the snowball Earth event may have triggered the production of a large amount of oxygen because the extremely hot climate (~60 °C) immediately after the termination of the snowball Earth event must have significantly increased the supply of phosphate to the oceans, resulting in large-scale blooms of cyanobacteria, which could have produced large amounts of oxygen.
  • The postglacial transition of atmospheric oxygen levels may have promoted an ecological shift and biological innovations for oxygen-dependent life.

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