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  • 16 June, 2020

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  • India’s overall exports (Merchandise and Services combined) in April-May2020-21* are estimated to be USD 61.57billion, exhibiting a negative growth of (-) 33.66 per cent over the same period last year.
  • Overall imports in April-May 2020-21* are estimated to be USD 57.19 billion, exhibiting a negative growth of (-) 48.31per cent over the same period last year.


EXPORTS (including re-exports)

  • Exports inMay2020 were USD19.05billion, as compared to USD29.99billion in May 2019, exhibiting a negative growth of (-)36.47per cent. In Rupee terms, exports were Rs. 1,44,166.01crore in May2020, as compared to Rs. 2,09,280.62crore in May2019, registering a negative growth of (-) 31.11per cent.
  • Except for Iron ore, Drugs & pharmaceuticals, Spices and Rice which registered a growth of 103.04%, 17.32%,10.55% and 7.64% respectively, all other commodity/commodity groups have registered negative growth in May 2020 vis-a-vis May 2019.

Major exports: Major commodity groups which have recorded negative growth during May 2020 vis-à-vis May 2019 are Leather & leather products (-75.07%), Handicrafts excl. hand made carpet(-72.77%), Gems & jewellery (-68.83%), Petroleum products (-68.46%), RMG of all Textiles (-66.19%), Jute mfg. including floor covering (-65.7%), Man-made yarn/fabs./made-ups etc. (-58.63%), Meat, dairy & poultry products (-56.38%), Other cereals (-49.53%), Cotton yarn/fabs./made-ups, handloom products etc. (-47.47%), Carpet (-46.18%), Electronic goods (-45.35%), Mica, Coal & other ores, minerals including processed minerals (-35.57%), Ceramic products & glassware (-33.48%), Cashew (-32.86%), Tea (-26.94%), Engineering goods (-24.25%), Oil Meals (-22.76%), Oil seeds (-18.41%), Marine products (-18.14%), Cereal preparations & miscellaneous processed items (-17.44%), Tobacco (-13.75%), Organic & inorganic chemicals (-12.71%), Plastic & Linoleum (-6.55%), Coffee (-5.71%) and Fruits & vegetables (-1.31%).


Cumulative value of imports for the period April-May 2020-21 was USD39.32 billion (Rs.2,98,502.76crore), as against USD86.75billion (Rs.6,03,881.86crore) during the period April-May 2019-20, registering a negative growth of (-)54.67per cent in Dollar terms (negative growth of (-)50.57per cent in Rupee terms).

Major commodity groups of import showing negative growth in May2020 over the corresponding month of last year are:


  • Oil imports inMay2020 were USD3.49 billion (Rs. 26,380.50crore), which was 71.98percentlower in Dollar terms (69.62percent lower in Rupee terms), compared to USD12.44billion (Rs. 86,822.36crore) in May2019
  • In this connection it is mentioned that the global Brent price ($/bbl) has decreased by 56.02% in May2020 vis-à-vis May2019 as per data available from World Bank.
  • Non-oil imports in May2020 were estimated at USD18.71 billion (Rs. 1,41,597.18crore) which was 43.13per cent lower in Dollar terms (38.34percent lower in Rupee terms), compared to USD32.91billion (Rs. 2,29,626.57crore) in May2019.
  • Non-Oil and Non-Gold imports wereUSD64billion in May2020, recording a negative growth of (-)33.74per cent, as compared to Non-Oil and Non-Gold importsof USD 28.13billion in May2019.


EXPORTS (Receipts)

As per the latest press release by RBI dated 15thJune 2020, exports in April2020 were USD 16.45 billion (Rs. 125,409.04 crore) registering a negative growth of (-) 8.92 per cent in dollar terms, vis-à-vis April2019. The estimated value of services export for May2020* is USD 15.70 billion.

IMPORTS (Payments)

As per the latest press release by RBI dated 15th June 2020, imports in April 2020 were USD 9.30 billion (Rs. 70,907.57crore) registering a negative growth of (-)18.43 per cent in dollar terms, vis-à-vis April2019. The estimated value of service import for May2020* is USD 8.57 billion.


  1. MERCHANDISE: The trade deficit for May2020 was estimated at USD3.15billion
  2. SERVICES: As per RBI’s Press Release dated 15th June 2020, the trade balance in Services (i.e. Net Services export) for April 2020 is estimated at USD7.15 billion.
  3. OVERALL TRADE BALANCE: Taking merchandise and services together, overall trade surplus for April-May 2020-21* is estimated at USD4.37 billion as compared to the deficit of USD17.84 billion in April-May 2019-20.

Source: PIB

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