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  • 05 January, 2023

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National Medical Commission & NExT 

National Medical Commission & NExT

The National Exit Test would be administered by a fifth autonomous agency, the Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences, that will fall under the country's top medical education regulator, according to the draft National Medical Commission (NMC) bill 2022.

The National Exit Test is what?

  • A medical licence test called the NExT is used to evaluate medical graduates' proficiency.
  • Students who acquired their medical degrees from schools recognised by the NMC as well as international students must pass the National Exit Test.
  • This occurs at a time when the government is attempting to deploy NexT and the role of NMC is expanding.
  • It is a two-part test that will serve as a prerequisite for post-graduate admission as well as the process for registering doctors.
  • They need to pass the NExT exam in order to apply to practise medicine in India.
  • A group created by the commission specifically to handle this centralised common exam will handle its administration.
  • The National Board of Examinations, which presently administers entrance exams for all post-graduate and super-speciality degrees, will be replaced by the Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences.
  • The screening test for foreign medical graduates is also administered by the National Board of Examinations; it will also be replaced by the new NExT test.
  • The new board will administer the NExT exams as well as accredit schools for diploma, diplomat, postgraduate fellowship, and super-speciality fellowship programmes.
  • It will establish the minimal requirements and grant them in order to run these courses.
  • No modifications to the National Testing Agency's administration of the undergraduate admission examination have been proposed in the new bill.
  • Foreign doctors are welcome to register if they wish to travel to India to pursue postgraduate studies, fellowships, clinical research, or volunteer clinical services.
  • Change in Permission: Up until recently, the Health Ministry had given "permission" to foreign experts.
  • Such doctors will now receive a temporary registration from the NMC, which will expire at the conclusion of the programme.
  • Such temporary registration shall be valid for a maximum of 12 months.

Who May Participate in the NExt?

  • All students who have successfully completed the final MBBS course at a medical school recognised by the Commission are eligible to take the exam.
  • As long as the candidate completes both phases within ten years of attending the MBBS, there is no limit on the number of attempts.
  • Foreign medical graduates who pass the NExT exam automatically qualify to practise medicine.

What is the Regulation's Purpose?

  • Admissions will be streamlined and expedited.
  • It will assist in removing the uncertainty that recently developed, resulting in the loss of seats as a result of poor work ethics, a lack of coordination, and different bodies performing different components of the same job.
  • To ensure uniformity in the summative evaluation across the country with respect to the minimal common criteria of education and training for a medical graduate.
  • The NExT's goal is to raise the standard of medical care in India by requiring that all medical professionals meet minimal standards of competence and knowledge before starting their careers.
  • It will be easier to avoid decision-making differences between NMC, NBE, and MCC if there is a central authority overseeing every aspect of medical education.

Difficulties in Medical education in India:

  • Technical abilities are lacking.
  • Finding professors in clinical and non-clinical subjects is challenging, and there aren't many programmes to upskill the current faculty.
  • The largest problem the industry is now dealing with is a lack of digital learning infrastructure.
  • The requirement to improve research quality must be given more attention by the educational system.

Way Forward

  • Curriculum revision to include more hands-on instruction and competency-based skill development
  • Fostering a problem-solving mindset through scenario/case-based examination
  • A comprehensive faculty development programme to enhance teachers' competence
  • Removing caste-based reservations and establishing a merit-based admissions system
  • Collaboration between business and academia to promote innovation

Source: Indian Express

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