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Germany extends ban on Hezbollah

Germany extends ban on Hezbollah German police raided five sites linked to the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah, as authorities announced Thursday that they were banning activities by its political wing in Germany. The raids, intended to prevent evidence about possible front organisations being destroyed, took place at mosques and community centres in Berlin, Bremen, Muenster, Recklinghausen and Dortmund. German lawmakers last year called on the government to extend an existing ban on acti

The lone wolf threat: on isolated terror attack in London

The lone wolf threat: on isolated terror attack in London Context # The knife attack at a park in Reading, a town west of London, which killed three people and injured three others, is yet another reminder of the threat of lone wolf attacks the U.K. is facing. Lone wolf attacks in Britain # Last November, the British government reduced the official threat level from “severe” to “substantial”, which means attacks could happen but there was no intelligence of a

Dormant but waiting to strike

Dormant but waiting to strike By, R.K. Raghavan is a former CBI Director Context During the pandemic, we have fortunately been hearing little about terror organisations of the likes of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). This is partly explained by the fact that open terror attacks have been reducing, presumably because terror outfits lack resources and because of temporary loss of support from those normally hostile to the non-I

An air-tight case: On Pulwama attack case charge sheet

An air-tight case: On Pulwama attack case charge sheet Context The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against 19 people including Maulana Masood Azhar, the leader of the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), for planning the Pulwama attack. About Pulwama Attack: The Pulwama attack was a dastardly terror attack on a Central Reserve Police Force convoy in Pulwama, Kashmir, that killed 40 personnel, in February 2019. JeM claimed responsibility immediately

Down, but not out: On Islamic State

Down, but not out: On Islamic State Context Political instability in parts of West Asia and North Africa is allowing the IS space to operate. The U.N. counterterrorism chief’s statement to the Security Council on the continuing presence of Islamic State (IS) terrorists in West Asia, Africa and elsewhere should be seen as a serious warning by the countries in these regions. News: Two years after the Sunni jihadist group was declared defeated, more than 10,000 IS fight

Terror in Nice: On French church attacks

Terror in Nice: On French church attacks Context The knife attack in the southern French city of Nice on Thursday that killed three people and injured many more has left the country, which has barely recovered from the beheading of a schoolteacher in a Paris suburb by an 18-year-old Chechen two weeks ago, in shock and pain. News: The suspected Nice attacker, a 21-year-old Tunisian who is now in hospital with injuries, killed two, including an elderly woman, in a church; the

Reading Voltaire in France

Reading Voltaire in France Context Nearly six years ago, on January 7, 2015, two French jihadists, the Kouachie brothers, assassinated eight employees of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and injured 11 others. That same day, many French people gathered at the Bastille Square and waved Voltaire’s Treatise on Tolerance. Islamic fundamentalism in France In the past several weeks, France has witnessed a new wave of terror attacks in the name of Islamic fundamentali

Pressure and punishment: On conviction of Hafiz Saeed

Pressure and punishment: On conviction of Hafiz Saeed Context The conviction of Hafiz Saeed, a UN-designated terrorist whom India and the U.S. blame for the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that killed 166, by a Lahore anti-terrorism court on terror finance charges shows that Pakistan can be forced to act against terror networks under international pressure. Details Saeed, in jail since July last year, was convicted in another case of terror financing in February this year. He

Terrorism in India

Terrorism in India The use of organised and systematic violence by a person or group to intimidate others in order to further their political, religious, or cultural goals is known as terrorism. India's history with terrorism: Much of India's history with terrorism and violent extremism can be attributed to the subcontinent's religiously motivated division into Pakistan and India in 1947. The most horrific ethnic riots in recent history, which were characterised by

Global Terrorism Index (GTI)

Global Terrorism Index (GTI) The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) places India at 13th. Even while assaults and fatalities declined, the report reveals that Afghanistan remained the nation most severely afflicted by terrorism for the fourth year in a row. With connection to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is a thorough study that examines the effects of terrorism on 163 nations, or 99.7% of the world's population. The Institute for Economics &

Lakhbir Singh Landa

The Ministry of Home Affairs has designated Lakhbir Singh Landa, a Canada-based member of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), as an “individual terrorist” recently. He has been designated as an individual terrorist under Section 35 of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

UAPA - Designated Terrorist

Gangster Goldy Brar, the mastermind behind the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, was declared a designated terrorist by the Centre under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). UAPA The UAPA aims to prevent unlawful activities and terrorist activities in the country. Terrorist Act - Any act committed with intent to threaten or likely to threaten the unity, integrity, security, economic security, sovereignty of India or any section of the people in India o


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