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Neo-Buddhist movement-Sociological perspective

Neo-Buddhist movement-Sociological perspective Context: Neo-Buddhism is highly important for Paper-1 GS mains and Sociology and Philosophy optional “Recently PM visit to KUSHINAGAR opens a new debate surrounding religion. Today Buddhist population has significant voting share and the advancement of HINDUTVA give them the space to participate” Base for neo-Buddhism: The advancement of Hindutva offers residual space to symbols of Buddhism and downplays its revolutionary po

Census, SECC (Socio - Economic Caste Census), NRC &NPR

Context: This topic is important for UPSE GS Paper1, GS Paper2 and Essay. There were historical attempts to enumerate the population in the parts of Indian Subcontinent as well as to assess landholdings for revenue purposes, which was then a primary consideration. They are attested in the writings of Kautilya, Abu Fazal and Muhnot Nainsi . Later census was carried out by British Government . Census The origin of the Census in India goes back to the colonial exercise of

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