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Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration

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India's Ethical Governance Mode

India's Ethical Governance Mode The former West Bengal Governor has spoken about the importance of ethical governance in India. What exactly is Ethical Governance? Ethical governance is a method of governance that incorporates high moral values and behavior into the governance process. A bureaucrat, for example, is obligated to serve those who come to his office, but he cannot be penalized if he does not provide a glass of water to an elderly couple who may be tired from waitin

Public office & Freedom Of Speech

Public office & Freedom Of Speech The Supreme Court has ruled that those in public service should practice self-control and refrain from saying anything that is derogatory or demeaning to their fellow citizens. A five-judge Constitutional court has not yet decided whether restrictions on a public official's freedom of speech and expression are permissible. What are the Judgement's High Points? The court noted that if a public official makes a speech that has an


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