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Dam Safety

Dam Safety India hosted the International Dam Safety Conference at Thiruvananthapuram. Central Water Commission is organizing the event in association with the Kerala state government. Dam safety conferences are an annual events under the Dam Safety Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) project, the conferences will be conducted in DRIP states. The key recommendations emerging from the deliberations of the conference will be circulated to stakeholders as well as policy makers for imp

Shahtoot Dam

Shahtoot Dam India set to build the Shahtoot Dam in Afghanistan, providing drinking water for 2 million residents of Kabul. The dam would come upon the Maidan river tributary of the Kabul river.

The problem of ageing dams

The problem of ageing dams Dams and reservoirs are believed to secure our water needs for the future. However, data and studies show that they can threaten our water security. Here is how. It is not a secret anymore that India’s dams are now ageing and concomitantly, reservoir water is being replaced by soil, technically known as silt or sediment. Becoming obsolete India is ranked third in the world in terms of building large dams. Of the over 5,200 large dams built

Concern Among People of Lahaul-Spiti After Glacial Outburst in Uttarakhand

Concern Among People of Lahaul-Spiti After Glacial Outburst in Uttarakhand The concern is about the Tandi project on the Chandra-Bhaga River Basin after the Uttarakhand flooding debacle. Other Proposed projects in Lahul-Spiti are Rashil (102 MW), Bardang (126 MW), Miyar (90 MW) and Jispa. Chenab River- Source: It rises in the upper Himalayas in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh state.   The river is formed by the con

DRIP Phase II and III

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) Phase II Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) is a State sector scheme formulated to bridge the funding gap and provide urgent finance to States for the repair and maintenance of Dams. The scheme closed on 31st March 2021. It facilitated loans from World Bank to participating states when they agreed to the terms and conditions of the lending agency. Andhra Pradesh did not choose to be a part of it. The next phas

India and World Bank sign $250 million project for DRIP-2 Scheme

India and World Bank sign $250 million project for DRIP-2 Scheme First, read the comprehensive note of Dam safety policies and institutions in India.   India ranks third globally after China and the United States of America, with 5334 large dams in operation. In addition, about 411 dams are under construction at present. There are also several thousand smaller dams. These dams are vital for ensuring the water security of the Country. Indian dams and reservoirs play an important rol

Dams in Indian Territory

Dams in Indian Territory According to a United Nations (UN) research titled "Aging Water Infrastructure: An Emerging Global Risk," over 1,000 big dams in India would be around 50 years old by 2025, and comparable aging embankments around the world constitute an increasing concern. According to a United Nations research, around 3,700 dams in India may lose 26% of their entire storage by 2050 owing to sediment deposition, which might jeopardize future water security, irrigation,

Mullaiperiyar Dam

The Supreme Court recently directed the Survey of India (SoI) to examine whether a mega car park constructed by Kerala at Mullaiperiyar Dam is encroaching property covered under the Periyar Lake Lease Agreement. About - It is a masonry gravity dam in Idukki district of Kerala, where the Periyar and Mullayar rivers meet. Construction - The dam was constructed during 1887-1895 across Periyar River in the then Travancore state (now Kerala). Agreement


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