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National Capital Territory of Delhi Bill, 2021

National Capital Territory of Delhi Bill, 2021 The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) moved a Bill in the Lok Sabha on Monday in which it proposed that the “government” in the National Capital Territory of Delhi meant the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi. The Bill proposes to amend Sections 21, 24, 33 and 44 of the 1991 Act. The Bill gives discretionary powers to the L-G even in matters where the Legislative Assembly of Delhi is empowered to make laws. The proposed legislatio

Row over Hindi Imposition

Row over Hindi Imposition The 11th volume of the Report of the Official Language Committee, which was submitted to the President of India, sparked outrage in various southern regions (they view the report as an attempt to impose Hindi on them). What are the Panel's Recommendations? In Hindi-speaking states, Hindi should be the medium of teaching in IITs, IIMs, and Central universities. The administration's communication language should be Hindi, and attempts s

Removal of Governor

Removal of Governor A political party recently called for a proposal to remove the Tamil Nadu Governor. In recent years, the squabbles between states and governors have centered on the choice of a party to form a government, the deadline for proving the majority, sitting on bills, and criticizing the state administration. As a result, Governor is derisively referred to as a Centre agent, a puppet, and a rubber stamp. How is the Governor to be deposed? A Governor is appoi


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