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We need social physicians

We need social physicians By, Dr. Soham D. Bhaduri is a Mumbai-based doctor, healthcare commentator, and editor of ‘The Indian Practitioner’ Introduction While medicine remains central to public health, medical academia has never been a torch-bearer for the public health cause. Apart from the inherently individualistic character of medicine, part of the reason can also be located in Indian medical education originally “carrying the cultural accretions of the West&rdquo

A quota case: On quota politics

A quota case: On quota politics Context à The Tamil Nadu’s Cabinet’s nod on Monday, for an ordinance to create a horizontal 7.5% reservation of the State’s quota of seats in medical colleges, is a well-intentioned move to address the problem of poor representation from government schools in MBBS/BDS courses which has been in existence even prior to the introduction of NEET for admission. Horizontal reservation à The issue of inequity has come in for c

Diagnosing what ails medical education

Diagnosing what ails medical education Context The article analyses how confusion over policy for human resource development and economic policy is affecting quality, equity and integrity in the field of medical education.   About The National Education Policy 2020: The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 aims to provide universal access to quality education and bridge the gap between the current state of learning outcomes and what is required. This will be achieve

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