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Signalling optimism

Signalling optimism Context: Latest Monetary policy review. Latest review: The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has voted to keep policy interest rates unchanged and has stated that it would continue with the accommodative stance at least through the end of the current financial year. An accommodative stance means that the central bank will cut rates to inject money into the financial system whenever needed. This is often employed to expand the overall money supply to boost

The RBI tunes in to the economy

The RBI tunes in to the economy Context: The article analyzes how the COVID-19-triggered recession had led to some of the strongly held economic assumptions being revised around the world. US Federal Reserve: The chairman of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the US, has declared that the Fed will not let inflation stand in the way of maximising employment implying that it will no longer raise rates pre-emptively(in anticipation of inflation). The reasoning seems to be that the P


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