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Uniform Civil Code

Uniform Civil Code GS-PAPER-2 Governance – DPSP (PT-MAINS) A Uniform Civil Code means that all sections of the society irrespective of their religion shall be treated equally according to a national civil code, which shall be applicable to all uniformly. They cover areas like- Marriage, divorce, maintenance, inheritance, adoption and succession of the property. It is based on the premise that there is no connection between religion and law in modern civilization. Background

Muslim Personal Law Case

Muslim Personal Law Case Image Source - Kerala kaumudi The Supreme Court has received a number of petitions contesting the constitutionality of the Muslim Personal Law-permitted polygamy and Nikah Halala practices. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), the National Commission on Women (NCW), and the National Commission on Minorities have received notices from a five-judge Constitution Bench. Arguments of the Petitioners The petitioners want polygamy and Nikah-Halala

Uniform Civil Code (UCC): Explained

Uniform Civil Code (UCC): Explained Recently, the Central Government petitioned the Supreme Court for a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), arguing that different laws are an affront to the nation's unity. About The Centre responded to petitions filed in the Supreme Court seeking uniformity in laws governing divorce, succession, and inheritance, as well as adoption and guardianship for all people, regardless of gender or religion. However, the government has not directed the Legislature


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