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  • 06 March, 2021

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Contraction in GDP due to Lockdown

Contraction in GDP due to Lockdown

  • Advance Estimates of National Income project an 8% Contraction in GDP.
  • NSO revised the 1stquarter GDP shrinkage to 24.4% from 23.9%
  • Government spending, public administration, defence and other services contracted.
  • Services like Retail, trade, hotels, transport and communication contracted 7.7%.
  • Informal sector, Microenterprises, contact intensive services, stress in employment Reflect no recovery in job sector.
  • Slow revival
  1. Manufacturing and Construction resurfaced from collapse to expand 1.2% & 6% respectively.
  2. Feeble growth in GDP by0.4% and GVA by 1% in late 2020.

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