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  • 10 March, 2021

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Data on Cyber Crime

Data on Cyber Crime

  • The data according to National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, since its inception in Aug 2019,a total of 3,17,439 cybercrime incidents and 5,771 FIRs have been registered up to Feb 2021 in the country.
  • The conversion of complaints received into FIRs stood at 1.81%.
  • CERT-In says, around 1.44 lakh cases were observed between 2014-16.
  • Cases doubled in three years.


  • The leak of Personal Information of 3.2M debit cards in 2016 and Data Theft at Zomato(2017), Wannacry Ransomware(2017), Petya(2017).

India’s initiative

  • Need for Cyber Security 1st emphasized by Kargil Review Committee,1999.
  • Cyber Surakshit Bharat Initiative by MEITy, for awareness generation, and capacity building for IT departments.
  • I4C, Cyber Police Force under MHA.
  • Cyber Safe Women by Maharashtra govt., Cy

World Initiatives

  • Convention of Cyber Crime / Budapest convention-

64 states Ratified.

India did not sign, because – Article 32b allows for transborder access to data and thus infringes on National Security.

  • Different Types of Cyber Crimes reported in 2019 saw that Debit/Credit Cards followed by card skimming and Advanced fee scams (gifts ,phones etc.,) were the leading crime (>85% of all cybercrimes).
  • Malware attacks, web-based attacks, Denial of service and malicious insiders are the highest number of threats of all types of cyber attacks in the world in 2017-18, with the highest amount of research spending done on the same.
  • Accenture identified in a 2019 study that the Cost of Cyber Crime Research increased the highest in case of Malicious Insider cases the highest., followed by web-based attacks and malware.

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