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  • 17 March, 2021

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Data on Employment

Data On Employment

Employment during COVID-19

  • According to ILO, of the 535M labour force in 2019, 398 M will have poor-quality jobs.
  • National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme witnessed 243% rise in person workdays in 2020-21
  • Shrinking Sectors have been affected the most Construction(-50%), Trade, Hotels(-47%), Manufacturing(-39%)and Mining(-23%).
  • CMIE report: Unemployment rate in Haryana is the highest of all states. 80% of women in Haryana who want to work cannot find job. And >50% of all graduates in Haryana are Jobless.

States reserving jobs based on Domicile

Haryana, Jharkhand, Andhra, TN

Source: Economic Survey, TH

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