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  • 19 January, 2023

  • 6 Min Read

India and Maldives

India and Maldives

  • When the Maldives presidential election was just around the corner, the Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM) paid a visit to the country.


  • The Maldives' desire for stronger ties with China and India's fears over Chinese dominance in the area have strained the relationship in recent years.
  • Former president and head of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Nasheed, has voiced opposition to the incumbent president's (Solih) decision to compete for a second term inside his own party.
  • Although Solih explicitly supports "India First," he also takes pains to avoid offending China.
  • Yameen, who previously ran the "India Out" campaign, had a pro-China slant and said that the MDP government had betrayed the country by allowing Indian forces to be stationed there.
  • In this regard, the External Affairs Minister of India, S. Jaishankar, visited the Maldives to meet with the top officials there and signed a number of agreements, including development projects.

What occurred while the External Affairs Minister(EAM) was there?

  • Inaugurated the Indian-built Hanimadhoo airport in the Haaa Dahaalu atoll, which cost $136.8 million.
  • After the $500 million Greater Male Connectivity project, which seeks to link the capital of the Maldives to three neighbouring highlands, this is the second-largest infrastructure project in India.
  • Both are high-profile initiatives for Delhi that compete in size with the Male-Hulumale-Hulhule Bridge and the Hulumale Airport, both of which were built by the Chinese.
  • Both nations have agreed to provide 100 million Rufiyaa (the Maldivian currency) in aid for the High Impact Community Development Project (HICDP) program.
  • Inaugurated a community centre financed by India in the adjacent Shaviyani atoll's Foakaidhoo island.
  • The Ministry of Defense of the Maldives will get two maritime ambulances from India for use in emergencies and humanitarian crises.
  • India will contribute 10,000 textbooks, to be delivered in 260 schools in the Maldives
  • Construction of a sports centre in Gahdhoo and academic cooperation between Cochin University of Science & Technology and the Maldives National University.

How have relations between India and the Maldives been?

  • After the Maldives gained their independence in 1965, India was one of the first nations to recognize them and establish diplomatic ties with them.
  • One of the Maldives' closest allies and partners historically has been India.
  • India has helped the Maldives militarily, technically, and economically.

Security Partnership:

  • Defense cooperation includes joint exercises such as "Operation Shield," "Ekuverin," "Dosti," and "Ekatha" (begun in 2021).
  • For the Maldivian National Defense Force (MNDF), India offers the most training possibilities, covering over 70% of their needs in this area.

Economic collaboration:

  • The mainstay of the Maldivian economy is tourism. Some Indians now travel extensively to the nation, while others move there in search of employment.
  • The Greater Male Connectivity Project, the largest-ever infrastructure project in the Maldives, was contracted to an Indian company named Afcons in August 2021. (GMCP).
  • India is now the Maldives' second-largest trading partner after falling to fourth place in 2018. In 2021, bilateral trade increased by 31% from the previous year, overcoming hurdles brought on by the pandemic.
  • On July 22, 2019, RBI and the Maldives Monetary Authority concluded a bilateral USD currency swap agreement.

Rehabilitation Center:

  • Contract for the Addu reclamation and shore protection project of USD 80 million is signed.
  • A drug detox and rehab facility in Addu constructed with Indian assistance.
  • The rehab center is one of 20 high-impact community development initiatives that India is putting into place in sectors like healthcare, education, fisheries, tourism, sports, and culture.

Infrastructure Projects:

  • A brand-new terminal will be added to the Hanimaadhoo International Airport Development Project as part of an Indian credit line to accommodate 1.3 million passengers annually.
  • Indian External Affairs Minister opened the National College for Policing and Law Enforcement (NCPLE) in 2022.
  • The largest grant initiative carried out by India in the Maldives is NCPLE.


  • Political unrest: Tensions between the two nations and political unrest in the Maldives have resulted from a constitutional crisis and a change in leadership.
  • India is concerned about China's expanding influence in the Maldives, which includes significant infrastructure projects and financing.
  • Economic problems: The Maldives has been experiencing an economic crisis, which has caused development project delays and debt problems.
  • Radicalization: Over the past ten years or more, more Maldivians have become attracted to terrorist organisations like the Islamic State (IS) and jihadist groups based in Pakistan.

Way Forward

  • To guarantee regional security in South Asia and adjacent maritime borders, India must play a significant role within the Indo-Pacific security space.
  • The development of extra-regional powers (particularly China's) in India's maritime sphere of influence led to the creation of the Indo-Pacific security space.
  • India should make an effort to assert its leadership in the Indian Ocean region, but not at the expense of the Maldives supporting Chinese interests.

Source: The Indian Express

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