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  • 29 March, 2023

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India's National Older Persons Policy

A Central Sector Scheme of the Integrated Program for Senior Citizens is operate by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (IPSrC).

Data About Old Person

The percentage of seniors in the population is expected to increase from 7.5% in 2001 to roughly 12.5% by 2026 and surpass 19.5% by 2050, according to the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister's (EAC-PM) Quality of Living for Older Index.

Challanges posses by older person

Spending on healthcare facilities has increased since many senior citizens in India lack health insurance, which has led to an increase in out-of-pocket medical costs.

Reduced income security: It is difficult for older people in India to make ends meet because the country has one of the weakest Social Security Systems in the world and spends just 1% of its GDP on pensions.

Feminization of Ageing: The fact that more women than males are living longer is one of the main problems resulting from population ageing.

Absence of Geriatric Facilities: The urban-rural gap in tertiary hospital services for the elderly is getting wider. According to a recent poll, between 30% and 50% of elderly people reported having depressed symptoms.

Government Initiative for Older Person

National Policy on Older People (NPOP): To reaffirm the commitment to ensuring the well-being of older people, the National Policy on Older Persons (NPOP) was released in 1999.

The Policy calls for state assistance to meet older people's requirements for housing, health care, and other necessities as well as for a fair share in development, protection from abuse and exploitation, and access to programmes that would enhance their quality of life.

Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana:

The Elderline Older Citizens' Welfare Fund provides funding for this Central Sector Scheme.

The programme offers assistance and assistive living gadgets to elderly adults who fall under the BPL category or who make less than $15,000 per month and have age-related infirmities such low eyesight, hearing loss, tooth loss, and loco-motor impairments.

Elderline: The National Older Citizen Helpline (14567) In order to address elders' complaints, the Ministry established Elderline in 2021.

The hotline has been established around the nation and provides older persons with services through a toll-free number.

Seniorcare Ageing Growth Engine (SAGE):

This Elderline programme was started in 2021 with the goal of inspiring young, creative businesses to create goods, systems, and services that will improve the wellbeing of the elderly.

In accordance with this programme, cutting-edge start-ups are discovered and given equity support of up to Rs. 1 crore each project, all while making sure that the overall amount of government equity in the start-up does not exceed 49%.

Term Related to Older Person

Silver Economy:

It is a system of creating, distributing, and consuming goods and services with the objective of leveraging older and elderly consumers' purchasing power and addressing their dietary, housing, and healthcare requirements.


The term "gerontechnology" refers to a broad range of technological products and services intended to help the elderly and/or those who care for them with routine everyday tasks.


By eliminating the stigma attached to ageing in India, the first step towards progress is to lessen the financial burden.

It is also thought to be crucial to enhance our pension systems by increasing financing and coverage. In order to accomplish this, the government must designate a particular budget for the senior population.

Source: PIB

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