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  • 15 October, 2019

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Debate over Rafale deal and light combat aircraft Tejas.

Difference between Tejas and Rafale:

1. Light combat aircraft Tejas is lightweight multi combat aircraft.
Raffle is medium weight multirole combat aircraft.
2. Both are 4++ category fighter jets. ( Even Pakistan has procured 5th generation category fighter jets from China India still is procuring only e 4++ category rafel fighter jet).
3. Tejas is made 100% in India where as Rafale is a foreign procurement and is also highly expensive.
4. Both fighter jets have similar power, speed and range.

Other advantages of light combat aircraft Tejas:

a. Air to air refuelling
b. Naval variant is under development
c. AESA Radar.
d. Good weapon carrying capability.

Disadvantages in Tejas Manufacturing :

a. Delay in manufacturing by HAL and lack of bulk production.
b. Problem through delay in production of Kaveri engine.

Advantages of Rafale:

a. It is a fully developed naval variant.
b. Easy or reliable maintenance
c. Easy weapon integration
d. AESA radar

Disadvantages of Rafale:

a. Not made in India
b. 4 + + fighter jet
c.highly expensive
d. Not much of difference with Tejas.
e. Problem of training of air and ground crew,building of infrastructure and operationalizing new types will decrease the effective rate of force accretion.


1. Tejas can be manufactured in bulk and used where Rafael need not be inducted . Tejas can be used as second line of Defence guarding the borders.
2. Faster adoption of Tejas MK 2 for Indian Navy.
3. Faster adoption of 5th generation Advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA).
4. Tejas will be the only light fighter jet in the world which will have its own trainer variant ,carry carrier naval variant and naval trainer variant.


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