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  • 16 November, 2022

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National Press Day

National Press Day

Every year on November 16th, India celebrates National Press Day to commemorate the establishment of the Press Council of India.

About India's Press Council

  • It was founded in 1966 under the Indian Press Council Act, 1965, on the recommendations of the first Press Commission, with the dual goal of preserving press freedom and improving the standards of newspapers and news agencies in India.
  • It was re-established as a quasi-judicial autonomous authority in 1979 by an Act of Parliament, the Press Council Act of 1978.
  • In its duty to protect the press's independence, the Press Council of India is the only body with authority over state instruments.


  • The Council is a corporate body with perpetual succession that consists of a Chairman and 28 members.
  • The Chairman is chosen by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, and a member elected by the Council's 28 members.


  • Press freedom must be protected.
  • To maintain and improve the standards of Indian newspapers and news agencies.

Responsibilities and Roles:


  • The council may conduct research and express its opinion on any bill, legislation, law, or other matter relating to the press, and it may communicate its findings to the government or the individuals concerned.
  • In cases of public importance, the Council may take cognizance and form a Special Committee to conduct an on-the-spot investigation.


  • To assist newspapers and news organisations in maintaining their independence.
  • To create a code of conduct for newspapers, news organisations, and journalists that adheres to high professional standards.
  • To ensure that newspapers, news organisations, and journalists maintain high standards of public taste and foster a proper sense of both rights and responsibilities.

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Source: PIB

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