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  • 07 May, 2020

  • 3 Min Read

Nsafe mask

Nsafe mask

IIT-Delhi start-up ‘Nanosafe Solutions’ has launched an antimicrobial and washable face

mask ‘NSafe’. The said mask is reusable up to 50 launderings, thus greatly cutting down the cost of use.

IIT-Delhi said that the ‘NSafe’ mask is a triple-layered product consisting of :

1.inner hydrophilic layer for comfort,

2.middle layer having antimicrobial activity and

3.outer most layer having water and oil repellent behaviour.

“NSafe mask has 99.2% bacterial filtration efficiency [at 3 microns] along with breathability and splash resistance.

IIT-Delhi startup Nanosafe Solutions plans to launch the mask at MRP of ?299 (Pack of 2) and ?589 (Pack of 4)

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17 Sep,2021

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