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  • 25 May, 2020

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Nuclear Command Authority (NCA)

Nuclear Command Authority (NCA)

It is responsible for command, control and operational decisions regarding India's nuclear weapons programme. Organisational structure of NCA includes Political Council and Executive Council. Executive Council is headed by National Security Advisor and Political Council is headed by Prime Minister. The Executive Council gives its opinion to the Political Council, which authorises a nuclear attack when deemed necessary.

This kind of organisational structure is created to prevent the accidental or unauthorised use of nuclear weapons. Strategic Forces Command is a part of Nuclear Command Authority, responsible to operationalize the directives of NCA and for the management and administration of the country’s tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile. SFC is headed by Commander-in-chief of the rank of Air Marshal.

It will have the sole responsibility of initiating the process of delivering nuclear weapons and warheads, after acquiring explicit approval from the NCA.

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17 Sep,2021

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