31 July, 2020

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PLpro: Covid-19

PLpro: Covid-19

According to a new study on Covid-19, pharmacological inhibition of PLpro blocks virus replication and also strengthens immune response in humans. Usually, when a virus attacks human cells, the infected body cells release messenger substances known as ‘type 1 interferons’ which attract the killer cells in human bodies. These killer cells kill the infected cells and save humans from getting sick.

When the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) enters a human cell, it hijacks the cell mechanism and fights back by letting the human cell produce PLpro. PLpro is a protein which suppresses the development of type 1 interferons. Due to which, killer cells are not informed about the infection. Hence, PL pro plays a crucial role in the replication of the virus.

Significance of the Research: Researchers can now monitor these processes in a cell culture (artificial environment). By blocking PLpro, virus production can be controlled. In the absence of the PLpro, type 1 interferons will be released informing the killer cells and thus, strengthening the innate immune response of the human cells.

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