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  • 23 December, 2022

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Scramjet Engine

Scramjet Engine

The Hot Test of the Scramjet Engine was just successfully completed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

What is Scramjet Engine?

  • A scramjet, also known as a supersonic-combustion ramjet, is a type of ramjet engine where the airflow remains supersonic, or faster than the speed of sound.
  • A scramjet lacks a shock cone and instead slows the airflow utilising shockwaves generated by its ignition source.
  • As a result, the scramjet can run efficiently at very high speeds.
  • Vehicles powered by scramjets are expected to travel at least as fast as Mach 15.

Air Breathing Engines:

  • In order to burn fuel, an engine that breathes air from its surroundings is said to be "air-breathing."
  • All practical internal combustion engines for air breathing directly heat the air by burning fuel, and the hot gases that are produced are then employed for propulsion through a propelling nozzle.
  • Air is continuously pumped via the air-breathing engine. Compressed air is combined with gasoline, ignited, and released as exhaust gas.
  • A typical air-breathing engine produces thrust that is around eight times larger than its weight.
  • The working gases are ejected from the exhaust nozzle, producing the thrust.


  • Ramjet: Ramjets are a type of air-breathing jet engine that compresses incoming air for combustion without the use of a revolving compressor.
  • Scramjet: Compared to ramjet engines, scramjet engines work more effectively at hypersonic speeds and enable supersonic combustion.

Ramjet vs. Scramjet: Differences

  • Ramjets with supersonic combustion are known as scramjets. Ordinary ramjets slow the air to subsonic speeds prior to combustion, while a scramjet does not do this.
  • Ramjets have a theoretical velocity range of 1 to 6 Mach, while Scramjets have a theoretical range of 12 to 24 Mach.
  • Ramjets and scramjets require significant airflow to begin producing thrust; they are unable to do so at zero velocity.
  • Ramjets don't have the same particular impulse as scramjets.
  • Ramjet has more efficiency and operability due to subsonic combustion than Scramjet, which has a lower efficiency due to supersonic combustion.

Source: The Indian Express


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