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  • 24 September, 2019

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Sign language dictionary gets 4,000 new words

GS-I: Sign language dictionary gets 4,000 new words.


Around 4000 words are likely to be added to the Indian sign language dictionary in 2020.


The aim of developing the Indian Sign Language Dictionary was to remove communications barriers between the deaf and hearing communities.

Work Under Way:

On the occasion of International Sign Language Day Minster of Social Justice and Empowerment said the addition of 4,000words to the sign language dictionary would be done by 2020.Right now the work of identifying signs for words cross categories including administration medical, legal, education, agriculture with the help of the hearing impaired community.

About ISL Dictionary Dictionary :

  • Dictionary has developed in both print & video format.
  • ISLR&TC has developed this dictionary for to offering deaf & hearing people maximum words to learn & expressing their feelings, ideas.
  • Dictionary consists of various categories of words, like, everyday terms, legal terms, medical terms, academic terms & technical terms.



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