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  • 28 September, 2019

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The Morbidity of Jihad

GS-II: The Morbidity of Jihad.


The absence of exact data on crime could pose serious problems. In India, crime is under-reported and under-registered.

Problems with crime data:

  • The manner in which crime data are collected and compiled.
  • Crime data in India are collected and published by NCRB.
  • The data reported in this publication is based on the crime reported to local police stations.
  • Police stations getting information about the crime is one thing and such incidents being recorded as an FIR is another.
  • Challenges of a complainant – All kinds of pressures and obstacles are put on a complainant, especially when the nature of crime is that of sexual assault, domestic violence or when it involves family members, relatives or powerful people.
  • There is enormous resistance put up by the police station personnel in registering such crimes or reducing the seriousness of the incident.
  • The NCRB data fall short of expectations in many respects.
  • It is short on information about crime victims and witnesses.

The potential of a victimisation survey:

  • A victimisation survey is often seen as a solution to such shortcomings.
  • Many countries have conducted victimisation surveys to supplement their official crime data, India has yet to make a start.
  • Such surveys reveal details that are missed out by the local police.
  • They describe how crime has impacted the lives of victims and convey their safety concerns.
  • These surveys gather information through personal or telephonic interviews with a set of people who represent the geographical and social correlates of a city or state over a period of time.
  • The information may detail the victimisation suffered by a person but not recorded by the police for a variety of reasons.
  • The other data include risk and vulnerability, perceptions about the local police and the views of people about the criminal justice system.

Indian crime data – road ahead:

  • India-specific yardsticks, which the NCRB does not cover, could be evolved.
  • There could be several challenges to such surveys. People might not reveal more than what they have divulged to the police.
  • There are several methodological innovations to overcome bottlenecks.
  • It should be assigned to an institution that specialises in criminology, victimology and criminal justice administration.

Source: Indian Express


17 Sep,2021

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