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The new normal

The new normal By, Purushottam Basava, I.A.S., is PS (Chief of Staff) to Union Minister HRD. basava.ias@gmail.com Smarthveer Sidana is an IIT Delhi alumnus & Harvard HCONF Scholar. smarthveer@gmail.com   Introduction With the pandemic set to transform higher education as we know it, there are huge challenges before us, as well as room for innovation Given the rapidly evolving situation around the pandemic, has this forced shift from offline to online mode of teachi

New habits-COVID-19

Forced to adopt new habits-COVID-19 Overcoming inertia Starting new habits is tough and requires overcoming inertia. Most of the time humans like maintaining the status quo. The majority of us don’t change the default settings when we buy a new mobile phone. Nor we do change the default settings of any new app we download. The tendency to stick with defaults happens across different aspects of our lives, from personal to social to office work. Rise of New habits

The pandemic and the challenge of behaviour change- Social marketing

The pandemic and the challenge of behaviour change By, S.N. Srikanth is Chairman and Managing Director of the Hauer-Diana Group of Companies of India Introduction The COVID-19 crisis is far from over, but governments everywhere appear to have either relaxed lockdown parameters or will do so soon. Containing COVID-19 and restoring our economies requires not just good policy decisions and medical advice; it also needs continued compliance with the recommended behavioural changes that

Older men worry less about Covid-19 than others: study

Older men worry less about Covid-19 than others: study Data on Covid-19 so far has indicated that men are more vulnerable than women, and the elderly more vulnerable than the young. Now, a study has found that older men worry less about Covid-19 than women their age or than younger men and women, and thus may be at greater risk of contracting it. This is a concern given that older men are already more at risk, according to the study by researchers at Georgia State University, and publ

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