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A case for down-to-earth governance

A case for down-to-earth governance Context: The article discusses the challenges in a democratic form of governance and suggests ways to strengthen the democratic governance structure in India. Challenges: 1. Money Around the world, electoral democracies are affected by the issue of funding political parties and elections. Money has become an important factor deciding the winnability of the candidates. Money is required to win elections legitimately, even when people a

Should there be one Nation one Election?

PM on One Nation, One Election Recently, the Prime Minister of India has addressed the concluding session of the  80th All India Presiding Officers Conference via videoconference, at Kevadiya (Gujarat) on the occasion of Constitution Day (26th November). All India Presiding Officers Conference It began in 1921, and the Gujarat event marks its centenary year. Theme for 2020: ‘Harmonious Coordination between Legislature, Executive and Judiciary: Key to a Vibrant Democracy&

AP Govt vs State Election Commission

AP Govt vs State Election Commission The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a plea by the Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy government against the Andhra State Election Commission’s decision to conduct gram panchayat elections amid COVID-19 vaccination drive, saying “elections have been held in this country in far more difficult times”. The court said the State government’s reluctance to conduct the elections and the wording of its appeal suggested an “ego battle”

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