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Forex Reserves of India

Forex Reserves of India Why in News? The country's foreign exchange reserves declined by USD 4.255 billion to USD 580.299 billion, fall in reserves was due to a decline in the Foreign Currency Assets (FCA). What is the reason for forex rise/fall? Rise/Fall in Forex is mainly attributed to appreciation or depreciation of currencies in the basket. Expressed in dollar terms, FCA includes the effect of appreciation or depreciation of non-US units like the euro, pound and yen he

Foreign exchange reserves position as on 27 Jul2021

Foreign exchange reserves position as on 27 Jul 2021 India’s foreign exchange reserves position is comfortable in terms of import cover of more than 18 months and provides cushion against unforeseen external shocks Weather the reserve funds are adequate to meet the international payment obligations, the ratio of forex reserves to total external debt stood at 101.2 per cent and short-term external debt to forex reserves stood at 17.5 per cent as at end-March 2021. The ratio o


28 Jan,2022
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