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Vadnagar Gujarat and the Centre are jointly developing the historical and ancient town of Vadnagar as a major tourist hub. The projects cover Vadnagar’s famous Kirti Toran, Sharmishtha lake, Hatkeshwar Temple and archaeological sites. The town full is of sites that are related to Hinduism and Buddhism. The famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang has visited the place around AD 640 and referred to it as Anandpur. It is also the birth place of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Udhyagiri Caves

Udhyagiri Caves The Udayagiri caves, in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, contain some of the oldest Hindu temples and iconography, related to Vaishnavism, Shaivism and Shaktism. They were built during the Gupta period (350-550 CE). Though it is present north of Tropic of Cancer, it is believed that historically, on the day of summer solstice, the sun was directly overhead in this place, making Udhyagiri (Mount of sunrise) a place of worship. It also houses some important Gupta age inscriptions. Ic

Abhilash Tomy

Abhilash Tomy Commander Tomy, the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe solo and unassisted in a sail yacht, intends to give another shot at the Golden Globe Race next year. The GGR, as it is called, is a daredevil ocean race with basic, read vintage, sailing equipment which he attempted in 2018. But a vicious storm in the southern Indian Ocean dismasted him and he sustained a spinal injury. He was subsequently rescued in a multi-nation effort and had to undergo a surgery.

First-ever Khelo India Zanskar Winter Sports Festival begins in Ladakh

Union Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju inaugurated the first-ever Khelo India Zanskar Winter Sports Festival on January 21, 2021 at Padum in Zanskar of Kargil district.  The 13-day festival has been organised by the Ladakh UT Administration to promote Zanskar as a winter tourists destination. The Union Sports Minister said that Zanskar used to remain cut off from the rest of the world for 5-6 months due to heavy snow but no more now. The Union Sports Ministry plans to pr

Gwalior, Orchha included in world heritage cities list of UNESCO

Madhya Pradesh state government informed on December 7, 2020, that the historical fort cities of Orchha and Gwalior have been included in the world heritage cities list of UNESCO under its urban landscape city programme. The project by UNESCO will be an example for South Asia. Under the plan, UNESCO will also be providing and guiding with perfect measures and resources for the development of Orchha and Gwalior under the Historic Urban Landscape recommendations.   About Gwalior &

All 9 tribal freedom fighters museums to be ready by end of 2022

As per the statement released by the ministry, two of the nine museums sanctioned for the tribal freedom fighters are already nearing completion and the rest of them are at the different stages of progress. The largest of these museums have been built in Rajpipla in Gujarat at a cost of Rs. 102.55 crores. The government has been planning permanent museums in the states where Tribals had lived, struggled against the British rule, and had refused to bow down so that the upcoming generations ma

UNESCO added Mumbai and Hyderabad cities in UCCN (UNESCO Creative City Network) list

The UCCN or UNESCO Create City Network has declared Mumbai as a member of the creative city of films. Hyderabad has been named as a creative city for biryani and other delicious cuisines. UNESCO added both cities in UCCN (UNESCO Creative City Network) list along with 64 other cities from across the globe. Both cities will now be part of the 246-member UNESCO’s creative city network. This network brings together all those cities that have developed on their own creativity. What is UCCN?

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