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Protected Special Agriculture Zone - Cauvery Delta

Protected Special Agriculture Zone - Cauvery Delta GS-Paper-1 Geography (PT-MAINS) Tamil Nadu government has declared the Cauvery delta region as a Protected Special Agriculture Zone. What is a Protected Agriculture Zone? Declaring as the Protected Special Agriculture Zone ensures that a particular region will not be granted permission for any new projects like those related to hydrocarbons. Only Agro-based Industries would be given permission to be

Sambhar Lake

The Sambhar Salt Lake is India's largest inland saltwater body located near Jaipur in Rajasthan. The lake is surrounded on all sides by the Aravali hills.  It is the source of most of Rajasthan's salt production. Sambhar has been designated as a Ramsar site (recognized wetland of international importance) because the wetland is a key wintering area for tens of thousands of flamingos and other birds that migrate from northern Asia.

Nag River

The Nag River Pollution Abatement Project has been approved under the National River Conservation Plan. It will be implemented by the National River Conservation Directorate. The Nag River, which flows through Nagpur city, is now a highly polluted water channel of sewage and industrial waste. Origin - Western weir of Ambazari Lake in west Nagpur. Nag River is the main river along with the other, River Pili Nadi.

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