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Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission

Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission This lunar mission of China returned with 2Kg of the fresh rock samples from the moon, which would help us know more about moon’s origins and formation. The spacecraft landed in Siziwang Banner, China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. These lunar samples were retrieved from a previously unvisited area of the moon known as the Oceanus Procellarum, or Ocean of Storms. Ocean of Storms is a site near the Mons Rumker, which was believed to have been

UAE’s Hope Probe Enters Mars Orbit

The probe took off from the Tanegashima Space Centre in Japan in July, 2020. UAE becomes the fifth entity to reach the Red Planet, joining NASA, the Soviet Union, the European Space Agency and India.  Mission will collect data on Martian climate dynamics and help scientists understand why Mars' atmosphere is decaying into space. Other Missions to Mars: Apart from the UAE’s ‘Hope Probe’, two more unmanned spacecrafts from the USA and Chi

Perseverance - NASA’s mission to Mars

Perseverance - NASA’s mission to Mars The shadow of NASA’s Perseverance rover is seen on the surface of Mars as it lands on the planet. With this, NASA is set to become the first space agency to fly a drone in the atmosphere of another planet. Perseverance- NASA’s mission to Mars   NASA has been sending rovers on Mars since 1997 when the Mars Pathfinder Mission was initiated. As the mission turned out to be successful, NASA

NASA's Perseverence Rover to Mars

After a seven months’ journey from Earth, the NASA Perseverance is in its final stretch towards destination Mars. About the Perseverance rover: Launched on July of 2020. It is expected to touch down on Mars at the Jezero Crater. The primary task of Perseverance is to seek signs of ancient life and collect samples of rock and reglolith to possibly return these to Earth. Perseverance is fueled by electrical power by using heat of plutonium’s radioacti


Chandrayaan-3 is likely to be launched in 2022 (earlier scheduled to be launched in late 2020). Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO’s) Chandrayaan-3 is India's third mission to Moon. It aims to make a soft-landing in the Lunar South Pole’s Aitken basin. It will consist of only a lander and rover, as the orbiter of Chandrayaan-2 is still functioning and providing data.

Gaganyaan Mission

ISRO was targeting December, 2021 to launch the unmanned test mission of Gaganyaan project (earlier scheduled for December 2020). ISRO’s Gaganyaan is India's first manned space mission. It envisages sending three Indians to space by 2022. Four pilots have been selected for the mission and they are undergoing training in Russia. Gaganyaan will involve Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle GSLV Mark III rocket with a modified upper stage compatible with a crew module

PSLV C-51 Launched by NSIL

PSLV-C51 was successfully launched by ISRO recently. This was the 53rd flight of ISRO’s launch vehicle and the first dedicated mission of its commercial arm, NewSpace India Ltd. The mission was undertaken under a commercial arrangement with Spaceflight Inc., U.S. Satellites onboard: It carried 19 satellites (Including Brazil’s optical earth observation satellite, Amazonia-1, and 18 co-passenger satellites — five from India and 13 from the U.S.). A

Search of Stromatolites on Jezero Crater in Mars

Fossil stromatolites are the oldest evidence for life on Earth. They first appeared 3.7 billion years ago. The drone Ingenuity will search the surface of Martian crater Jezero to look for signs of this microbe trapped in its atmosphere.

Mars missions- Is Mars a backup planet?

Mars missions- Is Mars a backup planet? A backup planet? Mars as a backup site for humanity to migrate to; is being promoted as such by avant-garde entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Findings of Mars missions Mars Express satellite: In 2005, the Mars Express satellite found evidence of clays that may have formed after solid rocks were exposed to water, as analogous examples of Earth’s rock inventory would testify. But some scientists were not easily

Lunar Polar Exploration mission (LUPEX)

Lunar Polar Exploration mission (LUPEX) The Lunar Polar Exploration mission (LUPEX) is a robotic lunar mission concept by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) that would send a lunar rover and lander to explore the south pole region of the Moon in 2024. JAXA is likely to provide the under-development H3 launch vehicle and the rover, while ISRO would be responsible for the lander. The mission concept has not yet been formally proposed f

AsterX – France’s First Military Exer-cise in Space

French Space Command launched its first military space exercise called AsterX. AsterX: The exercise has been named AsterX in reference to the first French satellite, which was put into orbit in 1965. During the exercise, the French Military aims to monitor a potentially dangerous space object. It will also analyze threats to its own satellite from another foreign power possessing a considerable space force. The new US Space Force and German space agencies are also taking part in

ISRO-JAXA Virtual Meeting

ISRO and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) held a virtual meeting. Key Takeaways : They have signed an Implementing Arrangement for collaborative activities on rice crop area and air quality monitoring using satellite data. The agencies also reviewed ongoing cooperation to launch a joint lunar polar exploration (LUPEX) mission. About LUPEX Mission: LUPEX is a robotic lunar mission by ISRO and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The mission ai


CHANG’E-5 PROBE: Chinese spacecraft carrying rocks and soil from the moon has begun its journey back to Earth, putting China on course to become the first country to successfully retrieve lunar samples since the 1970s. About the Chang'e-5 probe: The probe is named after the mythical Chinese moon goddess. The rocket is comprised of four parts: an orbiter, a returner, an ascender and a lander. The objective of the mission is to bring back lunar rocks, the first attempt


HAYABUSA2 SPACECRAFT OF JAPAN: The Hayabusa2 spacecraft of Japan is nearing the earth after a yearlong journey from asteroid Ryugu. The spacecraft is to reach the earth in Southern Australia on carrying precious samples from the asteroid . The entire operation is being held by JAXA, Japanese Aerospace exploration agency. Hayabusa2 This mission follows Hayabusa mission that returned asteroid samples of asteroid Ryugu for a year and half. The mission is expected to p

ISRO's Shukrayaan

ISRO’S SHUKRAYAAN: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has short-listed 20 space-based experiment proposals for its proposed Venus orbiter mission 'Shukrayaan'. About Shukrayaan: It is a mission to study Venus for more than four years. Scientific objectives: Investigation of the surface processes and shallow subsurface stratigraphy; and solar wind interaction with Venusian Ionosphere, and studying the structure, composition and dynamics of the atmospher

NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar

ISRO and NASA signed a partnership in 2014, to collaborate on and launch NISAR (NASA-ISRO SAR) by 2022. About NISAR: NASA is providing L-band SAR, a high-rate communication subsystem for science data, etc., ISRO is providing the S-band radar, and launch services. NISAR is a Synthetic Aperture Radar that can produce extremely high-resolution images for a joint earth observation satellite mission. It will be the first satellite mission to use 2 radar frequencies (L-band an

NASA's Ingenuity Rover takes flight in Mars' Atmosphere

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity has successfully flown on Mars. It is the first powered flight on another planet.  About NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Ingenuity is the first helicopter to fly on Mars. NASA’s rover called Perseverance carried it to the Red Planet. The helicopter’s main task is to carry out a technology demonstration to test the first powered flight on Mars. It also aims to collect samples from the locations on Mars where the rover canno

China’s Mars Mission

China’s Mars Mission China landed a spacecraft on Mars carrying its first Mars rover in a big boost to its space ambitions, the country’s space agency said on Saturday. China had in July last year launched its first Mars mission, called Tianwen-1, meaning Questions to Heaven, carrying a lander and rover. Tianwen-1 had been in orbit since February, and on Saturday, a lander descended successfully on to the surface of the red planet carrying a rover named Zhurong, named

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