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Mouda River Rejuvenation Case Study: Water crisis

Mouda River Rejuvenation Case Study: Water crisis NTPC, Central Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Power in Mouda, Maharashtra has helped over 150 villages in and around its operational area to overcome water crisis through a groundwater rejuvenation project. As part of its CSR initiative, NTPC Mouda is supporting the Jalyukta Shivar Yojana project which has successfully managed to turn Mouda into a water-surplus tehsil. This project was carried out by the Maharashtr

How to restore water bodies?

How to restore water bodies? It is for the State Governments concerned to undertake enumeration, protection and management of water bodies in their respective States. However, this Ministry undertakes a census of minor irrigation schemes from time to time, which also captures information pertaining to certain specific water bodies in the country. As per the latest census, being the 5th census of minor irrigation schemes with the reference year 2013-14, there are 5,16,303 water bodies

Revival of Water Bodies

Revival of Water Bodies Reasons: Groundwater levels in various parts of the country are declining because of continuous withdrawal necessitated by increased demand for fresh water for various uses, vagaries of rainfall, increased population, industrialization and urbanization etc. Water being a State subject, initiatives on water management including conservation & water harvesting and revival/rejuvenation of water bodies in the Country is primarily States’ responsibility. H

Uranium Contamination in Groundwater

Uranium Contamination in Groundwater The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has produced a study titled "Groundwater yearbook 2021-2022" on the health of groundwater. Important Findings: In twelve Indian states, uranium levels in groundwater exceed permitted limits. In terms of the percentage of wells with uranium concentrations greater than 30 ppb, Punjab is the worst-affected state. Haryana is the second most contaminated state in terms of uranium in groundwa


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